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    The recipes are great, the text is very honest, clear and earthy. This whole book just exudes "this is what works, it's not that complicated, and this is how to do it." If you experienced Chili Cooking, you need this book. If you haven't yet, you are missing out. Chili cooking is a great way to cook and the food is simply beautiful. If you love Chili food then this recipe book is a must have. Do you really want to know how to cook Chili Food? This Book pays off with years of great eating. Most of the recipes are very simple. For example, there is a Turkey Chipotle Chili With Pepper Jack Cheese Corn Cake that you'll frequently make, and most of the time, you'll only need to buy one or two ingedients to have everything you need to prepare it. If you follow the instructions, you really do not need to be a great cook to prepare great Chili food. If you like to eat great food, you will be forever grateful that you purchased this book. You'll love this book, the recipes are easy, the ingredients are easy to get and they don't take long to make. There is an excellent recipe for Lehsun Vali Jhinga - Prawns With Garlic And Chilies and a wonderful Chickpeas With Garlic, Tomatoes and Green Chilies. There is also a fabulous Turkey Chili-Topped Turkey Chili Burgers With Slaw and a Black Bean with Toasted Spice Seasoning Chili which are very easy to make yourself. Do we need to say more, ah yes!, try all of these out; the "pure" Chili recipes...this book has the lot: Chili "Con-Caucasian" (White Chili), Chili (Authentic Texas Border), Chili (Black Bean & Sausage with Soft Tacos), Chili (Black Bean with Toasted Spice Seasoning), Chili (Buffalo Snort Red), Chili (Cajun Style), Chili (Classic Texas), Chili (Critterless), Chili (Fire Alarm), Chili (Hot Texas), Chili (Jamaican), Chili (Killer -Star Venison) , Chili (Lamb & Black Bean), Chili (Meaty Without Meat), Chili (Mouth of Hell), Chili (Spicy Pork & Black Bean), Chili (Tennessee), Chili (Tofu), Chili (Los Venganza Del Alamo) ..... This book will also give you enough inspiration to experiment with different ingredients since you'll find the extensive index to be extremely helpful. The recipes are superb. Wonderfully easy to put together and you don't have to make or purchase a ton of condiments before you have a chance to play with them. Yummy!! Definitely great comfort food for all days of the week and seasons.

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      • Formato:  ePub
      • Subtítulo:  RECIPES - THE TOP 174 BEST RECIPES
      • Origem:  IMPORTADO
      • Editora: EMEREO PUBLISHING
      • Assunto: Gastronomia
      • Idioma: INGLÊS
      • Ano de Edição: 2012
      • Ano:  2012
      • País de Produção: Canada
      • Código de Barras:  2000175076372
      • ISBN:  9781486432073

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