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Simon Lester is a star pitcher for the Chicago White Sox. He is six feet-four with an athletic build that women find attractive. He is happily married and always lustful of his wife. However, he must travel around the country with his teammates who have young attractive women seeking them.Julie Lester is an executive with a business consulting firm in Chicago. She too travels on business, but is always dissatisfied with her own contribution to the family fortunes. She does not want to be kept “barefoot and pregnant.” It is her desire to build her own sense of worth by sometimes even competing with her famous husband as she makes her way up the corporate ladder. The challenges of maintaining their marriage and commitment to one another are pushed to the limit with the pressures of life facing them.The heads of several major sport teams have quietly hired a group of investigators to rid sports of the cocaine sellers who attempt to gain ties to the large sums of money that sports personalities have access to. Most of these investigators are lawfully seeking to keep the drug sellers away from their athletes; however some of the investigators are not so patient. A few use unlawful means to stop the drug trafficking and have sometimes resorted to ruthless means.One such ruthless act was the payment of Wesley Crump to kill Harrison Barnes. Mr. Barnes was a drug dealer who consistently sought sports personalities. Harrison Barnes had maintained a luxury apartment in the exclusive Trump Tower in Chicago. The apartment was kept in the name of his part-time girlfriend, Wendy Rodriguez. It was often used to entertain with exclusive parties where athletes were invited. Wendy actually lived in the apartment.This tale of suspense becomes a web of danger and intrigue as a man from Los Angeles plots to bring pain to Simon Lester and ultimately to kill him to gain the affections of Wendy Rodriguez. Wesley Crump has already killed one man to eliminate his competition for Wendy Rodriguez.Wendy Rodriguez really has no interest in Wesley Crump. There are remnants of a one night affair she had with him, but has had little contact with him since that affair. Wendy told him that she was not interested in him after she awakened from a brief nap after their sexual encounter. Yet Wesley continues to pursue her, in his mind.Wendy Rodriguez wants to have Simon Lester in a way that could easily spell danger for a married man. She works for Breen Sports Network as a sports reporter. This job has often gotten her into the locker room to interview Simon Lester and other sports stars. She is six feet tall and often dresses to attract attention. Yet she wants Simon even though she knows that he is married. At times her pitch for Simon is fast and furious.A Los Angeles detective is on the case to find the killer of Harrison Barnes. This detective has no clues that lead him to the killer of Harrison Barnes until he contacts Wendy Rodriguez. Harrison Barnes was also the nephew of the deputy mayor of Los Angeles. For this reason the mayor’s office keeps the fire to the police to solve this murder.All of this occurs during the heat of a pennant drive by the Chicago White Sox. Any baseball fan would enjoy the way Simon has become a master of his craft. Chicago fans in particular will enjoy this historical fiction as their team moves in and out of first place during their stretch drive. They will also experience the fear that Wesley Crump provides as he seeks to bring pain to Simon Lester and therefore an entire city.A tale of suspense, passion, and baseball, this is one you will enjoy. But, hold onto your seat. There is more here than lust and passion. Each baseball team is a multi-billion dollar enterprise and they seek to protect their investments in their athletes. Harrison Barnes was a drug dealer, but justice can be served coldly. And here’s the pitch!

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    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001041951601
    • ISBN:  9781370057740

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