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This edition features • illustrations • a linked Table of Contents and linked Footnotes CONTENTS (abridged list) CHAPTER I. Origin of the Templars — The pilgrimages to Jerusalem — The dangers to which pilgrims were exposed — The formation of the brotherhood of the poor fellow-soldiers of Jesus Christ to protect them — Their  in the Temple — A description of the Temple — Origin of the name Templars — Hugh de Payens chosen Master of the Temple — Is sent to Europe by King Baldwin — Is introduced to the Pope — The assembling of the Council of Troyes — The formation of a rule for the government of the Templars  CHAPTER II. Regula Pauperum Commilitonum Christi et Templi Salomonis. The most curious parts of the rule displayed — The confirmation of the rule by the Pope — The visit of Hugh de Payens, the Master of the Temple, to England — His cordial reception — The foundation of the Order in this country — Lands and money granted to the Templars — Their popularity in Europe — The rapid increase of their fraternity — St. Bernard takes up the pen in their behalf — He displays their valour and piety  CHAPTER III. de Payens returns to Palestine — His death — Robert de Craon made Master — Success of the Infidels — The second Crusade — The Templars assume the Red Cross — Their gallant actions and high discipline — Lands, manors, and churches granted them in England — Bernard de Tremelay made Master — He is slain by the Infidels — Bertrand de Blanquefort made Master — He is taken prisoner, and sent in chains to Aleppo — The Pope writes letters in praise of the Templars — Their religious and military enthusiasm — Their war banner called Beauseant — The rise of the rival religio-military order of the Hospital of St. John  CHAPTER IV. The contests between Saladin and the Templars — The vast privileges of the Templars — The publication of the bull, omne datum optimum — The Pope declares himself the immediate Bishop of the entire Order — The different classes of Templars — The knights — Priests — Serving brethren — The hired soldiers — The great officers of the Temple — Punishment of cowardice — The Master of the Temple is taken prisoner, and dies in a dungeon — Saladin’s great successes — The Christians purchase a truce — The Master of the Temple and the Patriarch Heraclius proceed to England for succour — The consecration of the Temple Church at London  CHAPTER V. The Temple at London — The vast possessions of the Templars in England — The territorial divisions of the order — The different preceptories in this country — The privileges conferred on the Templars by the kings of England — The Masters of the Temple at London — Their power and importance   CHAPTER VI. The Patriarch Heraclius quarrels with the king of England — He returns to Palestine without succour — The disappointments and gloomy forebodings of [Pg xv]the Templars — They prepare to resist Saladin — Their defeat and slaughter — The valiant deeds of the Marshal of the Temple — The fatal battle of Tiberias — The captivity of the Grand Master and the true Cross — The captive Templars are offered the Koran or death — They choose the latter, and are beheaded — The fall of Jerusalem — The Moslems take possession of the Temple — They purify it with rose-water, say prayers, and hear a sermon — The Templars retire to Antioch — Their letters to the king of England and the Master of the Temple at London — Their exploits at the siege of Acre  CHAPTER VII. Richard Cœur de Lion joins the Templars before Acre — The city surrenders, ... CHAPTER XIV. THE TEMPLE. About the Author "Charles Greenstreet Addison (died 1866) was an English barrister and historical, travel and legal writer." -- Wikipedia

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