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It was a normal day in high school, until one of my instructors began to lecture. That day, he used an inane theory to teach classrooms of students, most of whom were white, to believe that people of African descent were intellectually inferior. I didn’t believe him. I noted that this theory he loved so much, placed his group at the top. My African ancestors were forced to leave the truth of their civilizations behind. He knew nothing about them. That teacher, years later, was part inspiration for a personal quest that revealed a rich, ancient, south Saharan African legacy. I learned of great architecture destroyed by colonialists. I learned about art plundered and advancements hidden. I learned about the universities and scholarship valued by their ancient empires, whose wealth helped to enrich their reputations throughout the continent of Africa and other parts of the world. Why, I wondered, were lies told about their intellectualism? This question prompted me to explore the pseudo sciences of the 19th and 20th centuries. I realized that these were the culprits and forerunners to intellectual colonialism which still exists in today’s academic environments and subsequent social cultures. Continuing the quest to know them, at their depth, led me to exploring their cosmic sciences as ideas of advanced technology and knowing became a part of the conversation. That conversation guided me to India’s ancient Mahabharata. Surprisingly, this Hindu connection led me to the legendary jazz artists, John and Alice Coltrane. Alice Coltrane became known as a Swamini by the name of Turiyasangitananda. I attended one of her Darshans where I witnessed amazing things and solidified my belief in the African’s knowledge of the physical universe.

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