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This report provides the Department of Energy National Nuclear Security Administration Fiscal Year 2014 Stockpile Stewardship and Management Plan. This plan continues the Administration's commitment to maintain a safe, secure, and effective deterrent without new underground nuclear testing. It remains fully aligned with the national nuclear security strategy laid out in the April 2010 Nuclear Posture Review Report. This SSMP is a critical document for the nuclear security enterprise since it puts forward new strategies for stockpile stewardship and management and introduces the Nuclear Weapons Council's "3+2" strategic vision for the stockpile. This SSMP takes on a more ambitious scope of work relative to its predecessors, placing most of the stockpile into some phase of life extension in this decade. To better accommodate the number and scope of the life extension programs (LEPs) currently planned, the Nuclear Weapons Council has conveyed a number of changes to DoD's requirements. Among these changes are the following. The W76-1 LEP production will be completed in FY 2019 rather than in FY 2021, while still meeting the Navy's schedule for the operationally deployed units. The first production unit of the B61-12, consolidating the B61-3, -4, -7, and -10, is planned for completion in FY 2019. NNSA plans to complete the first production unit for the W88 Alteration, which comprises improvements to arming, fuzing, and firing components and provides for sufficient logistical spares through the weapon lifetime by early FY 2019 rather than by late FY 2018. NNSA is conducting a study for an interoperable warhead, the W78/88-1, to meet the DoD requirement for a first production unit in FY 2025 rather than in FY 2023. Chapter 1 * Defense Programs - Central to the Nuclear Security Enterprise * 1.1 Policy Framework and Mission Definition * 1.2 Partnership with the Department of Defense * 1.3 Stockpile Stewardship and Management Planning * 1.4 Stockpile Management * 1.5 Science, Technology, and Engineering in Stockpile Stewardship and Management * 1.6 Nuclear Test Readiness * 1.7 Physical Infrastructure * 1.8 Federal and Contractor Workforce * 1.9 Security of the Nuclear Security Enterprise * 1.10 Overview of Projected Budgetary Requirements and Management Processes and Procedures * 1.11 Additional Information * Chapter 2 * Stockpile Management * 2.1 Nuclear Weapons Stockpile * 2.1.1 Stockpile Overview * 2.1.2 Stockpile Composition * 2.2 Stockpile Assessments, Surveillance, and Significant Finding Investigations * 2.2.1 Weapon Assessments * 2.2.2 Weapon Surveillance * 2.2.3 Significant Finding Investigations * 2.3 Annual Assessment Report to the President * 2.3.1 Annual Assessment Requirements * 2.3.2 Annual Assessment Process * 2.4 Maintenance of the Stockpile * 2.5 Stockpile Services Subprogram * 2.6 Sustaining the Stockpile through Life Extension Plans * 2.6.1 Life Extension Program Planning and Execution Process * 2.6.2 Baseline Life Extension Program Plan * 2.6.3 Improving the Approach to Life Extension Program Planning and Execution * 2.6.4 Modernizing the Production Capabilities and Capacities * 2.7 Weapons Dismantlement and Disposition * 2.8 Integrated Surety Solutions for Transportation * 2.9 Summary of Significant Stockpile Accomplishments and Plans * 2.9.1 Recent Major Stockpile Management Accomplishments * 2.9.2 Stockpile Management Activities, Milestones, and Key Annual Deliverables * Chapter 3 * Science, Technology, and Engineering: The Base of Stockpile Stewardship and Management * 3.1 Introduction * 3.2 Management and Planning * 3.2.1 Technical Basis for Stockpile Transformation Planning * 3.2.2 Component Maturation and Technology Development

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