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Seven critical Air Force and Navy documents outline plans for American airpower and the aviation vision for the future. America's Air Force: a Call to the Future - Issued in July 2014, this report is also called the "agility vision" document for the USAF. Contents: Strategic Context: The Emerging Global Environment * The Challenge * The Air Force We Need: Agile and Inclusive * Agility * Development and Education * Capability Development * Operational Training and Employment * Organizations * Inclusiveness: "None of us is as smart as all of us." * Air Force Structure * Air Force Culture * Partnerships * Strategic Vectors for the Future * Provide Effective 21st Century Deterrence * Maintain a Robust and Flexible Global Integrated ISR Capability * Ensure a Full-Spectrum Capable, High-End Focused Force * Pursue a Multi-Domain Approach To Our Five Core Missions * Continue The Pursuit of Game-Changing Technologies * A Call To The Future... And a Call To Action. Naval Aviation Vision - "This document, guided by and aligned to The Vision for Naval Aviation 2025 and its pillars of capability superiority, wholeness, and maintaining capacity, provides our unified view of how Naval Aviation intends to meet the challenges ahead. We will do it through revolutionary changes in capabilities, retaining our aggregate and operational capacity, and by safely, effectively, and affordably executing our job of organizing, manning, training, and equipping fleet combat forces. As part of a long-range strategy, the Navy and Marine Corps are transitioning out of legacy aircraft that have served us well and updating nearly every type and model aircraft. In our new vision, a carrier strike group in 2025 would deploy with as few as five models of aircraft with five engine types, significantly reducing life cycle costs. Our next-generation aircraft carrier, the Ford-class, provides advanced technologies that drastically reduce maintenance costs, allowing the air wing to fly 25 percent more sorties than the Nimitz-class while costing $4 billion less per ship to maintain." Air- Sea Battle - Service Collaboration to Address Anti-Access & Area Denial Challenges, May 2013 - This document is an unclassified summary of the classified Air-Sea Battle Concept, version 9.0, dated May 12 and the Air-Sea Battle Master Implementation Plan (FY13), dated Sep 12. At its core, the Air-Sea Battle (ASB) Concept is about reducing risk and maintaining U.S. freedom of action and reflects the Services' most recent efforts to improve U.S. capabilities. Similar to previous efforts, the Concept seeks to better integrate the Services in new and creative ways. It is a natural and deliberate evolution of U.S. power projection and a key support component of U.S. national security strategy for the 21st century. Air Force ISR 2022: Delivering Decision Advantage - A Strategic Vision for the AF ISR Enterprise - Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) - Advantage focuses the AF ISR Enterprise to meet future challenges and reinforces the importance of ISR as one of the AF's enduring core missions. It articulates our strategic vision for the future and describes three core tenets and five priorities for our Enterprise. The tenets and priorities frame the conditions that will enable AF ISR to provide high-quality tactical intelligence. United States Air Force Presentation - Dr. David Walker explains the plan for defense research and innovation before the Senate, May 2014. Two foundational documents help the USAF define the force for the twenty-first century. "The first, America's Greatest Air Force - Powered by Airmen, Fueled by Innovation, describes who we are - an exceptional team of innovative Airmen, grounded in our Core Values, superbly trained and equipped to execute our five core missions. The second document, Global Vigilance, Global Reach, Global Power for America, describes what we do."

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