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A preface notes the scope of the essay. Chapter 1 has three suppositions and some corollary surmises for them. The first supposition notes how the lymphatic and blood circulatory system interweave about the nervous system. A surmise that short range magnetic flux communication takes place in a Morse code fashion put forth. A second surmise suggests close contact between human beings may pass magnetic flux information between their bodies, sexual intercourse, for example. A second supposition notes that the body is influenced by the EMF of heat or IF. We surmise that hot baths, in addition to loosening up tight muscles about inflamed tissue, also suppresses immune markers by cutting back on immune system activity. The body kills pathogens by fever, allowing the immune system to reduce its function while the fever does its activity. This would be another reason why hot baths work. They mimic a fever in the body. A third supposition supposes that by reading the magnetic flux communication between the immune system and the body in general, therapeutic magnetic flux could be used to correct problems based upon readings. The surmise is that we can build receivers to detect this and magnetic transmitters to correct malfunctioning organisms by sending correcting information. Chapter 2 discusses how a weapon could be built to use this, it being much easier to disrupt than heal. We note that magnetic fields for therapy is old news, that radio waves in the body is a topic of current research. We also note that conspiracy theories purport that Big Brother is already using devices of this sort to immobilize or kill enemies by neural interference. However, I wonder if my essay that proposes a more or less sophisticated communication between the immune system free cells, other free cells in the body, and the nervous system reacting to stress and disease, might not be offering something new here. Chapter 3 suggests that sound imaging of the brain would be superior to SPECT, MRI if a sufficiently attuned machine were created, and much safer to use frequently. I call this SURTI (Sound Ultrasound Receiver Transmission Imaging.)

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