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Professionally converted for accurate flowing-text e-book format reproduction, this unique book examines if increased Department of Defense (DOD) involvement in political warfare (PW) is justified through a qualitative, comparative analysis of U.S. PW actions conducted by the Department of State, Central Intelligence Agency, and DOD in two Cold War cases: Italy from 1943-1948 and Chile from 1961-1973. Concepts of strategy and social movement models of Doug McAdam, Charles Tilly, and Sidney Tarrow are applied to historical PW actions, both overt and covert. The case-study analysis clarifies each agencys conduct of PW and develops analytical tools to classify PW actions by approach and impact within the political setting. Data was collected from archives, declassified government documents, and expert analyses. Results indicate that, compared to other U.S. agencies, the DOD had a limited direct role in PW in the cases studied, but was an important enabler. In applying models of social movement theory to historical analysis, this thesis identifies and develops the contentious politics mobilization models potential use in planning and evaluating PW strategies.CHAPTER I * INTRODUCTION * A. PROBLEMS IN POLITICAL WARFARE, 2015 * B. PURPOSE AND SCOPE * 1. Theoretical Framework * 2. Approach and attribution * 3. Methodology * II. POLITICAL WARFARE AND APPROACH FRAMEWORK * A. POLITICAL WARFARE DEFINED * B. ORGANIZING U.S. POLITICAL WARFARE ACTORS * C. THE SPECTRUM OF POLITICAL WARFARE * D. DIRECT AND INDIRECT: CHENG AND CHI * 1. Overt, Direct Actions. * 2. Covert, Direct Actions * 3. Covert, Indirect Actions * 4. Overt, Indirect Actions * E. CONCLUSION * CHAPTER III * POLITICAL WARFARE AND SOCIAL MOVEMENT THEORY * A. SIMPLE POLITY MODEL: A STATIC POLITICAL SETTING * B. "CONTENTIOUS POLITICS": A DYNAMIC MODEL ADAPTED FOR POLITICAL WARFARE * 1. Politics and Contention * a. Contained Contention * b. Transgressive Contention * 2. Contentious Politics Mobilization Model * a. Broad Social-Change Processes * b. Attribution of Opportunities and Threats * c. Social or Organizational Appropriation * d. Innovative Collective Action * e. Social Construct and Framing * 3. Contentious Politics Mobilization Model: Areas for Third-Party Manipulation and Evaluation * a. Area 1: Broad Change Processes * b. Area 2: Attribution of Threat and Opportunity * c. Area 3: Social Construct * d. Area 4: Organizational or Social Appropriation * e. Area 5: Prediction and Evaluation * C. CONCLUSION * CHAPTER IV * ITALIAN CASE STUDY: 1943-1948 * A. BACKGROUND * 1. Military "Oversight" in the Transitional Government * 2. Can Democracy Prevail? * B. BEGINNING OF U.S. POLITICAL WARFARE * 1. The Beginning of Overt Political Warfare * 2. Overt, Covert Political Warfare * C. EXPANDING POLITICAL WARFARE OPTIONS * 1. NSC 1/3 Expanding Covert Political Warfare * 2. Political Warfare: Sprint to the Voting Line * D. CONTENTIOUS POLITICS AREAS OF EVALUATION * E. THE ITALIAN POLITY MODEL OF 1948 * F. AN ANALYSIS OF ACTIONS IN ITALY * 1. The Department of State * 2. Central Intelligence Agency * 3. Department of Defense * G. CONCLUSION * CHAPTER V * CHILEAN CASE STUDY, 1961-1973 * A. BACKGROUND * B. POLITICAL WARFARE UNDER KENNEDY, 1961-1964 * 1. Overt Political Warfare * a. Social Construct * b. Direct Broad Social Change * c. Organization Appropriation with Opportunities and Threats * 2. Kennedy Administration Covert Political Warfare * a. Organizational Appropriation * b. The Social Construct * c. Political Opportunity and Threat * 3. Contentious Politics Evaluation Area * C. POLITICAL WARFARE IN CHILE UNDER JOHNSON, 1964-1969

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