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From the best-selling author of Red Herrings & White Elephants, Pop Goes the Weasel, What Caesar did for my Salad & They Laughed at Galileo. Albert Jack's Mysterious World is a collection of the world's most famous and puzzling mysteries. What really happened to the Mary Celeste? Who killed Marilyn Monroe? Where is Bigfoot? Could Aliens really exist? From crop circles to the Scottish lighthouse keepers who vanished one stormy night and from religious visions to the spine tingling tale of a restless family tomb, bestselling author Albert Jack has now turned his detective skills to the mysteries that have baffled so many over the years. And he has discovered all kinds of fascinating and surprising evidence. Using 'Occam's Razor' Jack neatly peels away the myth, the legend, the improbable and unlikely and exams only the plausible. 'Sometimes the smarter stocking-filler may even help you to think better as well as to trounce the rival quiz crew. From the Bermuda Triangle to the Loch Ness Monster Albert Jack offers a crash course in sceptical thinking. Brilliant' - The Independent, Books of the Year. Contents 1.The Famous Aurora Spaceship Mystery 2.The Mysterious Death of God’s Own Banker 3.Try to See It from My Angle: The Bermuda Triangle 4.Does Bigfoot Exist? 5.The Spine-chilling Tale of the Chase Vault 6.Committing the Perfect Crime: The Mysterious D. B. Cooper 7.The Real-life Agatha Christie Mystery 8.Who Really Makes Crop Circles? 9.John Dillinger: Whatever Happened to America’s Robin Hood? 10.The Missing Navy Diver 11.The Dover Demon 12.The Mysterious Disappearance of the Lighthouse Keepers of Eilean Mor 13.Fairies at the Bottom of the Garden 14.The Mystery of Our Lady of Fatima 15.What Happened to the Lost King of France? 16.The Strange Case of Kaspar Hauser 17.The Great Loch Ness Con Trick 18.Will the Real Paul McCartney Please Stand Up 19.The Magnetic Strip 20.Whatever Happened to the Crew of the Mary Celeste? 21.The Men Who Cheated Death 22.Not in the Mood: The Real Glenn Miller Story 23.The Mystifying Death of a Media Mogul 24.The Real Da Vinci Code: The Mona Lisa Debate 25.If Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Who Killed Marilyn Monroe? 26.The Piano Man 27.The Dreadful Demise of Edgar Allan Poe 28.It’s Raining Frogs 29.The Terrifying Affair of Spring-heeled Jack 30.Beware of USOs 31.The St Valentine’s Day Massacre 32.The World’s Strangest Unsolved Crimes

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    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001121606896
    • ISBN:  9781310489143

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