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Dear Reader, I wanted to tell all of my friends in Savannah that this story is true. It's about a man in the 1860's that literally used to own the town. He and his father owned all of River Street, the banks, the horse racing tracks, the railroads, most of the ships, thousands of acres, plantation homes and thousands of slaves. His father was the treasurer of the Confederate Bank and literally signed every dollar bill that was in anybody's pocket in the Confederacy. Charles Augustus Lafayette Lamar took his money and went to the New York Yacht Club and bought the fastest boat built in the world from the admiral of the yacht club there. He then fitted it as a slaver and sailed it to the Congo where it was loaded with 500 slaves. It would end up being the last ship of slaves ever delivered to the Continental United States. He dropped them all off on Jekyll Island, then drove down the Savannah River as though nothing wrong had ever happened. He was tried in the Supreme Court, for piracy and was to hang in the streets of Savannah. He was acquitted by the Supreme Court judge, probably because he was married to the judges daughter, which nobody knew about. This acquittal of this crime outraged the North so bad, that the first shots of the Civil War were fired literally weeks after this trials decision, and the papers circulated the news of this event. The man started the Civil War! I know this is true, because after the war was fought for four years and over, after the Emancipation Proclamation and the surrender of Lee, the North found out that he was still alive, so they set up a specific militia to assassinate him.......he is the last known casualty of the Civil War!

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