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Beatrice La Fleur had invited the Prince, and her two friends Count Salvador and Count Lou Drake. While they together with her sister La Dolce were having some coffee in Salvador's kitchen, they heard a voice. "I am taking back my castle, and the five of you are now locked in here at the castle without any means of getting out. You will all come out of here as spirits." the voice came from a dead, but crazy part of the Salvador tree, Count Philip Salvador. Count Salvador stood up from the kitchen table, and went out to check the huge front door to the castle, and he couldn't open it no matter how he tried. Telling his friends, "We are locked in here. Any idea how we might be able to get out from Philip Salvador's closed doors?" La Dolce took out her phone, and phoned up an old friend of hers. Explaining the situation they were in, it took some time before her friend actually believed her. I drive down to the fire department and see if they can help promised La Dolce's friend. It took another ten minutes before the friend called back. "The fire department is coming to help you guys, just sit tight. Instead of using heavy equipment, they used the their own truck and drove right in to the front door that fell inside the castle. The fire chief told Count Salvador that we can put the door back for you, we have hinges at the station that are large enough. It didn't take Philip Salvador long to come back. Thought you had been rid of me did you, No such luck. As Philip's ghost was threatening the five in the kitchen, another smoke started to appear not far behind Philip. It was the ghost of Ann Salvador that came to stop her brother Philip from harassing these people. Locking at Philip, she said. "I have been given power enough to stop you Philip. My power comes from the Lord, where did you get yours? With a scream Philip tried to get a hold on Ann, "I killed you once before, this time it will be for-good." Ann pointed a finger at the floor, and a whirlpool formed. It locked at first as swirling water, then as Philip started to be sucked down, it turned more solid and Philip Salvador went down to hell for good. Looking at La Dolce and Beatrice, Ann asked if the two could take her to a ladies wear store, for her to get clothing's more in line with the time. That's a promise answered both la Fleur sisters.

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001038411927
    • ISBN:  9781311657107

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