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This is it! Reality tv in print! This is real life and its true that reality can be so much weirder than fiction. These are the real life stories and events that make the news, from gang murders to murders stemming from the passions of love. From political debates to political corruptions. From the arrests of drug dealers to the arrests of lawyers. From the arrests of priests, to the arrests of judges, from car jackings to kidnappings. All of the news thats reported is printed and discussed on newspaper blogs from coast to coast; and its on these "blogs" that the opinions of the general public are revealed. "Brother Soldier" is "the voice of reason" that is found among the racists and other life fanatics that comment on these "blogs". He offers "uncommon" solutions of thought to complex problems of "real life" and this book is well worth the reading for the insight that can be attained.Ben PasleyA book of practical advice and thoughtful comments,some humorous,some angry,some sad, but all served with a generous helping of uncommon sense,makes for great reading. Each post just gets bettor and bettor, in a "Will Rodgers" type of way."Jimmy Fox"Not A Kidnapping - Debt Collection"..."She thought she wasnt going to have to pay her line of credit in her drug usage. If it was really a kidnapping, she wouldnt have been dropped off at home..."...."Before the next idiot pulls a trigger, I want you to ask yourself a question. Is the life that you are about to take, worth more than the life that you are about to give? Your own!....".."the next time the Officer will be more thoughtful in making a arrest where the evidence is eaten, and is biodegradable and not contained in plastic....""... Now I heard comments that the dummies above made a "nice haul". Are you kidding? eleven (11) co-conspirators splitting $70,000. They should be embarrassed. Im sure that Bernie Madoff and Martha Steward, "among others", find this hilarious..."..."I really hate it when someone gets in your face and tell you a lie, and they know that theyre lying, and they know that you know that theyre lying and they know that you know, that they know, that you know, that theyre lying, but theyre still gonna get in your face and tell you the lie anyway. That really ticks me off....""Their alibi for being in the neighborhood actually produced a job for which they were going to get paid. After this, Stupidity, Ignorance and Greed should stop hanging out together."...." he knows his attempted murderers and now they know that they missed. I wonder if he will honor the "Code Of Thugs" and not snitch. Im sure they would appreciate another opportunity to polish up on their marksmanship if their identities are kept hidden...."..."the destroyers of your "peace" test the neighborhood by seeing how far they can go with public disturbances (loud music, yelling, screaming etc..), uncleanliness (garbage stacking up, open cans, filthy yards and general areas) and last but not least, the partaking and selling of drugs in open public areas (their porch, in front of their house, in front of your house, in the Park down the street, on the corner, etc.....)...."there are solutions to every problem, the secret is that problems are multi faceted and that in order to solve any problem, you must deal individually with every facet of that problem. Once you do that, then before you know it, the original problem will have faded away. Truth is knowledge, pass it on...." Soldier

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    • Ano de Edição: 2011
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2000170395409
    • ISBN:  9781452419800

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