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Frank Rooney, top equine vet and gambling addict has to make some hard choices when the love of his life arrives home before him one evening and discovers the secret life he has been living. Frank has been in love with Selina for years and is determined to keep her in his life. With this in mind he embarks on a gambling free lifestyle resolved to beat this destructive vice that has taken over his life. With the help of counselling, meditation and medication Frank is determined to make it work but his resolution to be gambling free is put to the test when he agrees to play a major role in one of the biggest betting coups the sport will ever see.Frank doesnt need much encouragement to get involved but still remains focused on not gambling which is hard to do when youre planning to win the biggest prize in racing with a horse that shouldnt even exist. For Frank and his friends to make their audacious plan work they must first steal the right horse semen, get their mare pregnant, get the foal trained and stay away from the scrutiny of the authorities.All would appear to be running smooth. Counting Stars is foaled and turning into a horse with fantastic potential. Their dream looks as if it could actually become real until Franks, now wife, Selina, dies in what first appears to be a freak accident. Selina is pregnant at the time of her death but thankfully the surgeon manages to save the baby which leaves Frank alone as a single parent. The family and friends all pull together as Emily develops into a gorgeous alert little girl. Eventually Frank meets another love, Katrina Hogan and it is with her help he uncovers that his now dead wife may not have died in an accident. They discover that Selina may have been involved in doping racehorses for which shed received large sums of money which was now sat in an offshore bank account. Frank is convinced her death was no accident and with the support of Seamus, Jonas and Michael he plots his revenge. With corruption at the heart of Irelands racing industry and with officials capable of murder to protect their own interests revenge will not be easy but Frank is prepared to lose everything to catch those responsible for Selinas death.The day arrives after meticulous preparation and the Olsen twins arrive to kill Frank up at Michaels stables only to realise too late that the only people being killed today is them.With the bodies disposed and a horse to train life goes on at rollercoaster pace until gold cup day arrives with one more dramatic twist and sting in the tail. Counting Stars runs the race of his life only for a stewards enquiry to be called after the race which leaves owners, jockeys and officials waiting. Behind the scenes Frank believes that they have been rumbled and that the authorities have found out that Counting Stars is not the horse they have claimed him to be.When the police arrive with Katrina Frank is ready to spill the beans and tell all only for Katrina to stop him at the last minute. Is the game up? Have they been caught? Or have they just completed the biggest betting coup the world of racing has ever fell foul to? With murder, corruption, deceit, heartbreak and a desire to win, littered with the odd smattering of dark Irish humour youll love this racing story all the way from Galway to Cheltenham.

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2015
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001091100066
    • ISBN:  9781310973772

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