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"I cared less about these ideas.  Now I care slightly less." - Unnamed BBC correspondent Written by a perpetual questioner and dilettante philosopher renowned for absolutely nothing! IMAGINE HOW IT WOULD FEEL TO BE THE MOST INTERESTING PERSON IN THE ROOM FOR A CHANGE. You're at a party. Across the room you spot a work colleague you sort of know. He's no better looking, smarter, or wealthier than you, yet a crowd of gushing onlookers surround him, enraptured by every word he says. How does he do it? He stopped being boring and took in some fascinating ideas.  He actually picked up - and read - a copy of Fascinating Ideas You Could Care Less About, chock a block full of ideas that matter. We understand why you care less now. Life can be a grind.  You've read your share of relationship books, marriage books, dating books, and other claptrap looking for answers you never got, and you just don't have any spare time to care anymore. So why not outsource the deep thinking to us? In fifty-one amazingly entertaining and informative articles, packed with more hilarity than the best of all humor books such that Voldemort and Darth Vader are even chuckling, you're certain to gather enough conversational tidbits to leave others thinking you're a genius from an alternate universe. Stop talking about the weather and whether democracy for realists is better than a Trump presidency. You won't even care in another week. Instead, start immersing yourself in books on fascinating ideas that aren't dating! Fascinating ideas like: Why the dating industry is really the baiting industry. Dating books conveniently forget this point. The nature of aging:  are you really just as old as you feel? Is the overall level of world intelligence steadily getting lower? How can this be when all of us think we're so brilliant? Is there any intelligence in crafting an alternative Plan B for your life? What's a better alternative to being a superpower?  You don't have to read a stack of democracy for realists books or debate whether the sun is already setting on the American century to bring up this interesting angle at a party. Does the institution of marriage belong in an institution? No conventional marriage books discuss this.  Does an open/casual relationship work in real life instead of just in romance books? Are you better off in some alternate universe?  Or are the sad reality and the alternate reality for you actually one and the same? When one belief contradicts another but all are for sale, how can you tell which ideas are ones that matter? If economic theory has any validity in the wizarding world, how do wizards and witches in the Harry Potter universe generate a decent, if not magical, standard of living? Products become obsolescent even before they're aging off the assembly line.  Are humans on an identical conveyor belt of obsolescence? Was Paula Abdul sensible to leave American Idol over a salary dispute?  In the alternate universe in which the mega-rich and famous reside, how do you calculate somebody's worth to a project? And much, much more. Worst case scenario:  you don't get invited to any parties.  Would it hurt to become more interesting and creative anyway? The average American adult spends about 5 hours per day watching television. Extended television viewing lowers the verbal IQ in children and decreases problem-solving abilities and creativity in adults. Business Insider recommends a few ways to get sharper.  Let me humor you: read a chapter in a few books, subscribe to feeds of interesting information, stimulate your mind, share what you learn. They could have kept the list a lot shorter and just advised one to read a copy of Fascinating Ideas You Could Care Less About. If you are what you think about, then thinking about fascinating ideas and buying this book becomes a very fascinating idea!  

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    • Ano de Edição: 2015
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Brazil
    • Código de Barras:  2001115972747
    • ISBN:  9786163825889

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