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Cobras: a new Snake Game About Cobra Snakes – Fun NEW Online interactive reading games for Kids   “COBRAS”, is a NEW interactive “snakes game” especially made as a kids game for Kobo– Your solution to helping your child learn are these online interactive reading games for kindergarten  and up.  Our quiz book for kids is a great way for your children to learn and retain this information and very important facts about snakes.   So what is the best way for a child to learn and retain information without getting bored or zoning out and glazing over these very important facts about snakes? The answer:   “Quiz books”! That’s right – “COBRAS: Trivia Quiz Game about Cobra Snakes” is an online interactive reading game all about snakes. Why is this quiz book for kids better than a regular eBook on Snakes or Cobras? • This is a very fun snakes game that your child can become involved in. • It’s much easier for your child to learn through a cool reading game like this. • Online interactive reading games are just what he/she needs to make learning interesting. • These educational snake pictures will stimulate your child and keep him interested! • Our interactive reading games for kids will help them to understand poisonous snakes and other facts about snakes such as types of snakes, what snakes eat, dangerous snakes, deadly snakes, biggest snakes, and especially the Cobra and King Cobra snake. As a parent, you know that today’s kids prefer playing games online to going outside and playing with their friends.  They live on the computer, their smart phones, E-readers, etc.  But try to educate them in school with teachers and you’d think they suddenly got ADD.  So how can you get your child interested in a subject and pay attention long enough to learn important facts, about things like….well, deadly snakes for example? Most adults already know about venomous snakes, but not many children have learned about poisonous snakes yet.  Cobras are deadly snakes and in fact one of the most dangerous snakes in the world.  So the challenge you face is exposing your child to the harsh realities of venomous snakes and reptiles without traumatizing them. You certainly don’t want your child to have horrible recurring nightmares about venomous snakes and King Cobras, so it’s a balancing act between making sure they retain this information about snakes without terrifying them at the same time.  The priority you must have is helping your child to learn about snakes without scaring them to death and forever fearing the Cobra snake venom and other dangerous snakes. Download “COBRAS”, our new kids game for Kobo NOW and your child can be having fun learning all about Cobra snakes minutes from now!

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    • Ano de Edição: 2012
    • Ano:  2012
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2000178107929
    • ISBN:  1230000029480

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