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Pokerish: The Language and Logic of poker is not written for the professional poker player who has a sponsor and is able to travel around the globe and put up $10,000 or $25,000 entry fee to enter each deep stack tournament. It is aimed at the great majority of poker players who play, or would like to play, cash games and tournaments at their local casino or card room for reasonable limits. Doc Eade has devoted over 500 pages to pass on what he has learned about the game and the language in over 25 years and 50 casinos. He also addresses playing poker on the internet and utilizing computer simulation software to improve a player’s poker skills. The book also covers private games in clubs and homes. It also includes an extensive glossary of terms, which are unique to the Pokerish community.The term Pokerish is one the author has coined to represent both a language and a culture, which defines the game of poker around the world. Just as English, Spanish, and Swedish represent distinct languages and cultures, Pokerish represents a unique language and culture for the game of poker. In the real world poker is impacted by house rakes, jackpot drops, tips and the way players change their play based on various promotions offered by casinos. So less experienced players need to adjust their game to gain a winning edge wherever and whenever they play.Sitting down at a poker table in a casino is like visiting a foreign country. If the player doesn’t understand the language, protocol, nuances, rules, and customs they are at a definite disadvantage. They will not only feel out-of-place and self-conscious, their bankroll will be at the mercy of those who know what they are doing and how to take advantage of the less experienced player’s inability to understand what is going on and being communicated at their table. This book helps them break the code and become a much more proficient and successful player. These important factors change the game’s dynamics and greatly impact their winning edge in this negative sum game. Essentially this is a tour book and a survival guide in the real world of poker so that less experienced players are not treated and swindled like tourists in this environment. This survival guide will give them insight into the various venues of poker they may wish to visit.The first chapter covers what is meant by the various hold’em betting actions and gestures. The objective is to provide them the tools they need to decipher the Pokerish dialog and gain information about the strength of their opponents hands and understand their opponents intentions. The second chapter focuses on the prohibitions, protocol, play and promotions in hold’em at a casino, public card room, or on an online poker site. Once they have read this chapter they should feel at home in any casino poker room regardless of the location and the game. The third chapter explains the rules and intricacies of Hold’em, Omaha, Razz, Stud, and Eight and below. Hold’em in this chapter is no limit. The fourth chapter focuses on the major distinctions between cash games and tournament play. This covers the structure, dialog and strategy of tournament play, especially in no limit Texas hold’em. The fourth chapter gives the reader an idea of how to play both cash and practice games on the internet. It also gives the reader an idea of what to look for and look out for as well as the logistics of an online poker site. The sixth chapter looks at various computer simulations and their ability to hone skills that the player can apply at a casino or online poker table. The seventh chapter delves into the realm of private games in clubs and home games. Compares the objectives and logistics of private games. Provides information for those who wish to host a private game or start a regular poker group. The eighth chapter lists a dozen of the author’s favorite poker related jokes.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2014
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001038418070
    • ISBN:  9781311696441

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