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The game of poker can now be played over the internet. It’s called online poker and it can be a bit more of a challenge to play than the regular offline game because, well, for one thing, you can’t see your opponents and, for another thing, you can’t see how the cards are being dealt. There have been, and still are, a lot of debates spanning from all around the globe about the issue of online fraud in a game where high betting involves too many risks for too many people. Despite the fraud issues, online poker continues to be one of the most widely played card game over the internet. In fact, online poker is highly responsible for the explosive growth of the poker game all over the world. There exists today about 540 active online poker sites operating in different countries where online gambling is considered legal. Online poker sites have made the card game easily accessible to the ordinary person who is just a moderate gambler. Online poker appeals most of all to people who are new to the card game and also to those who just want to get together with other people for a little fun to play a simple card game requiring a little amount of betting. Online poker is less intimidating than playing in a casino or a big-time gambling event as each player competes with other opponents that are of the same skill level. It’s also less costly as the betting amount is generally kept at an affordable level matched to their skill. That’s why for poker newbies and amateurs, online poker is the perfect way to learn and practice the rules and tricks of poker in order to improve their game and make them ready to play with the big-time players.

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