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Essential Information War is the protagonist of the first Darksiders. He is just one of the four surviving Nephilim, and is one of the 4 Hoursemen of the Apocolaypse. The Horseman War has actually charged into numerous wars astride his spectral steed Ruin, leaving trail of blood and bones in his wake. His eyes and hair are as white as the chill he casts on angels and demons alike, for the fury of his huge sword is unmatched in combat. As unyielding as time itself, War is both honorable and savage. Fury is among the last Nephilim and one of the 4 Horsemen. She is also understood as the rider of the black horse. She is the just female Horseman which additionally makes her the just female Nephilim. Fury utilizes a whip as her major tool but also utilizes her claws to slash at enemies. She has actually been verified to make a look in Darksiders 2. In popular culture Fury is understood as Famine, and the exact same in the Bible. Strife is a Nephilim and one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocolaypse. He is additionally understood as the rider of the white horse. It has actually been confirmed that he will make an appearance in Darksiders 2. In popular culture Strife is understood as Pestilence, however in the Bible the rider of the white horse is called Conquest.

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