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The author has won 809 winning chess against the chess computers of top level, 381 with the pieces and 212 winning chess of 26 moves or less. Learn all the chess rules and much more Table of contents PREFACE Nature and objective of chess Chessboard pieces form Chessboard Topography Chessboard pieces Initial position of the pieces Pieces and pawns Pieces move The move of the pieces The end of the game The game is draw: Algebraic notation Description of Algebraic notation: Algebraic positions Algebraic notation without drawing Algebraic notation with drawing The Blacks can eliminate the Bishop in g6 Exception if "prise en passant" (e.p). Prise en passant (e.p) The result if « prise en passant » Let’s suppose that it eliminates the Knight in f6. The Blacks can capture the pawn f6 of 2 ways Promotion of a white pawn Imminent promotion of the pawn c7 Promotion of the pawn c7 Put in check of the King by the Bishop Imminent promotion Promotion of the pawn e7 in Knight, and checkmate. Rooks The Queen The Bishops The Knights The King King's side castle Whites and Blacks Before King’s side castle King’s side castle for Whites and Blacks King's side castle forbidden for Whites Other King's side castle forbidden for Whites Still King's side castle forbidden for Whites Queen's side castle Before Queen's side castle Queen's side castle Blacks and Whites Queen's side castle forbidden for Whites Other Queen's side castle forbidden for Whites Still Queen's side castle forbidden for Whites Catch of a pawn without sacrificing one in return if Nxb4 Absolute value of pieces Necessary qualities to become a chess champion Finales bringing draw Finales bringing victory The draw games Stalemate If the same position 3 times in succession is got: draw. Perpetual check Put in check of the King Move of the Knight b1 in d2 (Nbd2) Capture of the Knight in d2 (Nd2) The Knight f3 catches the Bishop Check in discovery Nxc7 (threatens the Rook a8) and the black Bishop in d7 (Bd7) to parry check BxB + for Whites and NxB for the Blacks NxR for Whites and QxN for the Blacks Imminent double check by the Bishop and the Queen (++) BxN ++ The checkmate by double check in discovery Other checkmate if (NxN +) The "Legal" checkmate by playing (Nxe5 +) Nxe5 and BxQ Bxf7+      Ke7 Here is the final position of the "Legal" mate If the Blacks sniff trap NxN (Threatens the Queen) and b7xN BxB     f7xB Qh5+  g6 Qg4, then, there is a catch of a pawn Catch of the Black Queen by the Rook by playing Bxh7 + Catch of the pawn h3 by the Bishop because the pawn g2 cannot capture it; the King would have been in check, what is forbidden. Checkmate if the Whites move the Rook of e1 in e8 (Re8 +) The checkmate by suffocation by playing the Knight in f6 (Nf6) Checkmate in 3 moves by playing Qh5 Checkmate in 4 moves by playing Qxf7 Checkmate with only one Rook Checkmate with 2 Bishops - Whites to play Checkmate with 1 Bishop and 1 Knight - Whites to play - (It is at the Whites to play) Here are some basic notions to be known. The square of the pawn Notions of opposition The bigger 5 types of opening Questions often asked by the pupils Some technical considerations 10 main principles of chess The chess clock The Fischer’s clock Game cadence The deferred game The competition rules The chess clock Irregularities Some free chess software that it is possible to download and which work with Windows Scid: Arena: Arasan: GNU CHESS (version 5.0): Haundrix: Hotbabe (version 1.2): PAX: Rival: Rebel: Tchecmeet: Wjchess: Chess for all. Chess computer against human The programming of a chess software Graphic interfaces Engines of free chess software Crafty: GNU CHESS Human visits human on Internet The World champions Evolution of chess List of first 10 worldwide champions The world champion women Quotations of famous players The FIDE (international Federation of chess) Glossary Bibliography 25 checkmate tests TEST 1 TEST 10 TEST 25 Test solution 25 winning quick chess (25 moves and less) against the chess computers of top level GAME 10 GAME 25  

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    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
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