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If you are playing a word game or completing a word puzzle, this book will give you ideas for words, as well as check your spelling, or find words that contain a selection of your letters you need to use. Simple use the "Search" feature on your device and enter some of your letters that could be part of a word: Scrabble® Example: You hold letters O W E B I L E C So enter Search on the device and enter the letters I C E (in a logical order that would be found within a word). Many words will be found, and you can then choose the appropriate word. You can also select less words to be found by adding a SPACE before and/or after your letters you enter. (Example: " ICE", "ICE ", or " ICE ") Of course, you can also search words that you want to check exist, for convenience, all words in this book are allowed in games of Scrabble®. Note: Scrabble® is a registered trademark of Mattel (outside USA and Canada) and Hasbro (within USA and Canada). This book is not associated or endorsed by Mattel or Hasbro.

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