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Released of all charges Ivan returns to the traders club which doesn’t sit well with members though none are about to call for his ouster. Most thought he was headed to prison and they’d be rid of him. Rumor had it his defense attorney threatened to put Peety (his Macaw) on the stand until the feds, realizing they’d look ridiculous if they did, decided to drop all charges against him and his two cohorts, Elmira and Tina. Ivan sensed the uneasiness when he walked through the door but sloughed it off as their problem, he was back to put his money to work and what better place than the traders club. Opportunity soon falls in his lap. He’s offered the chance to lend money to a church. Soon he takes over the books. Only a naïve minister would allow such a thing and that described Helmut Bernard. Overwhelmed by duties he welcomed help of any kind. The fact that Ivan would be making payments to himself meant nothing as he didn’t know a thing about money, for that matter he never had a checking account. In short order Ivan not only handles the books but advises on ministerial matters which is a sure recipe for disaster. Helmut grows as minister. Abandoned as a child he struggles through life but finds relief in the Lord. Aided by a couple who take him under their wing you can’t help but like him, feel sorry for him too as some of his parishioners are real characters. You’ll be amused watching him handle their needs. When the dust settles you’ll feel convinced he made the right choice going into the ministry, a belief shared by those under his care. Many of the traders believe their group is the last bastion of the free enterprise system so they religiously guard against change. Ethical standards, though a nice concept for the residential crowd, are eschewed by some in favor of profits. Peety once again plays a role in Ivan’s life as do Tina and Elmira, two participants in the drug scheme he once headed. They find religion in their own right and come back to teach Ivan the power of the populace. You’ll laugh, shake your head, and wonder – could something like this happen? Enjoy it. I enjoyed writing it.

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2013
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2000179139066
    • ISBN:  9781301557073

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