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Anacondas are snakes. They can be very BIG snakes. Like all snakes, they have a long, thin body. They have no feet or legs, and their skin is covered in scales. There are four different types of anacondas. The different kinds are different colors. The Green anaconda has green skin. The yellow anaconda has yellow skin. The dark spotted anaconda is dark brown with black spots. The Bolivian anaconda has green skin like the green anaconda, but it only lives in Bolivia. Many snakes will also have dark spots on them. Green anacondas are the biggest snakes in the world. The female snakes are much bigger than the males. They can be twice as big. Male anacondas are about 10 feet (3 metres) long. Females are about 20 feet (6 metres) long. There are stories from long ago about some of these snakes being even bigger. Scientists do not know if these stories are true. There is no proof that they are. Maybe they just have not found the skeleton of a giant anaconda yet. Yellow anacondas and dark spotted anacondas are much smaller than the green ones. They can only grow to be about 15 feet (4.6 metres) long. Find out more about this amazing animal and learn the answers to these questions: Can an anaconda smell water with its tongue? Where do anacondas go when it gets hot? Where do anacondas sleep? How many lungs do anacondas have? Can anacondas spray like a skunk? Learn what an anaconda looks like, where it lives, what it eats, who are its enemies, how babies are born, and other fun facts. Reading Level 3.9 Ages 7 - 10 All measurements in American and metric. Learning Island believes in the value of children practicing reading for 15 minutes every day. Our 15-Minute Books give children lots of fun, exciting choices to read, from classic stories, to mysteries, to books of knowledge. Many books are appropriate for hi-lo readers. Open the world of reading to a child by having them read for 15 minutes a day.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2018
    • Ano:  2018
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2020102657245
    • ISBN:  9781370351695

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