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Gina was always daddy’s little princess, and her dad was always her favorite guy on the planet. Then Gina turns fifteen and a transformation happens; Gina discovers boys. One boy in particular: Joey Mancini. Gina likes Joey, and Joey likes Gina. There’s just one problem; Gina’s not allowed to date until she’s sixteen. Instead of waiting four months for her sixteenth birthday, Gina and eighteen year old Joey begin dating undercover. When Gina’s father discovers their plot, he grounds Gina and tells her that she will never be allowed to see Joey again. When Gina responds with the silent treatment, her father tries everything to get his little girl to talk to him again. When all else fails, her dad makes a last ditch effort, and takes Gina on a daddy-daughter bonding trip to China. Gina flies 10,000 miles carrying feelings of anger and resentment until she drops them at the Hong Kong Wishing Tree. She makes three wishes that will give her everything she thinks she needs to make her life perfect. First she wishes that she can drive. Second, she makes a wish to date older guys, so she can date Joey. Finally, third, she makes a wish that her father isn’t her father anymore.Even though all of her wishes are granted, they are granted in ways very different from what Gina has intended. Instead of cruising down the highway in her own brand new cherry red Mustang convertible, she now drives a thirteen ton, forty foot long bus, as she is now in the body of the twenty-four year old school bus driver/army reservist named Mo.While she is in an older body, and has the freedom to date, her second wish to date older guys turns out to be more like a curse; she can only attract guys over thirty. Still having her fifteen year old mind, she thinks this is gross.Wishing her father away doesn’t turn out exactly as planned either. While he isn’t her father in this new parallel reality, he still manages to have some control over her; he is now her boss!While Gina first enjoys her newfound freedom, the novelty quickly fades. Getting hit on by “old guys”, not being able to see Joey, and getting five hundred dollars in fines all take a toll. Now that Gina wished herself into this new life, her only mission is to get out of it, get home, and most importantly, get her dad back.

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2014
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2000842468028
    • ISBN:  9781310727900

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