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      **      THIS INSPIRATIONAL TRUE SHORT STORY IS WORTH READING** IF YOUR CHILDREN ARE CONSTANTLY ARGUING, THEN THIS INSPIRATIONAL STORY IS FOR YOU! One beautiful day, I witnessed something profoundly amazing and worth writing about. As I was at the park sitting eating my cake and contemplating the wonderful view of the mountains on the horizon, came to me a very beautiful red bird with blue strands on its feathers. Marveling at this amazing bird for few minutes,  I decided to smoothly crush one of my cake’s slices to give to it. As I threw the crumbs to the bird, I realized that he wasn't eating them. “Why doesn’t he eat?” I wondered, “Maybe I should throw more of it.” I still thought as I abundantly increased the number of crumbs on the palm of my hand. Suddenly the bird departed leaving behind the crumbs of cake without eating a single of them. “Crazy bird, I could have eaten the crumbs myself,” I said to myself quite irritated. However, a few minutes later I heard a lot of birds singing and when I turned to my right side to see what it was, it turned to be the same bird coming with the other birds to share the crumbs. As I Watched, I noticed that other birds were picking the crumbs to feed their offspring. The event touched me profoundly.  It made me cry because I realized that animals are still better than us, and that’s why I decided to write this short story book to help parents educate their children the right way.  In this short story,  parents will learn simple but profound ways to explain puzzle things to their children by using tools or even food to better illustrate and convey the ideas to them.  *1. Huber and Rosalina show us in this beautiful children's story how parents can use simple things to help their children stop arguing at home. * *2. Granny Elizabeth, an old woman who helps our characters to understand that we are all the same. She uses an example of a chocolate cake to illustrate that we are all ingredients of the same source.  * *3. Sometimes it is very hard to deal with children, specifically siblings because they can spend much of their time arguing and such behavior can raising high levels of stress to the parents. **           *  

Detalhes do Produto

    • Formato:  ePub
    • Origem:  IMPORTADO
    • Editora: KWL
    • Coleção:  3
    • Assunto: Infantil
    • Idioma: INGLÊS
    • Ano de Edição: 2018
    • Ano:  2018
    • País de Produção: Brazil
    • Código de Barras:  2001121368176
    • ISBN:  1230002079004

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