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John was looking over to one of the other houses when he saw his buddy George together with Beth and Liz. Gonna be a hot one today guys, are you coming with me down to the pond? Last time I was there, I saw a few snakes, one of them was swimming in the water. The three friends came over to John, Yeah, lets go down to the pond, said George. I have to be home by two oclock, said Beth. It is my birthday, and we are getting lots people by tow oclock. The four walked slowly down to the pond. The pond is quite large with a lot of water lilies on the west side. Walking along the south side, they saw a fog on the walkway, just before the water. Shouldnt be any fog today, said John. Fog is mostly in the morning before the sun comes up. The fog was so thick, you couldnt see through it. The four started to walk through the fog, and after a short while. Beth turned around to walk back, and after a few minutes she saw her three friends. So you decided to follow me back, said Beth. No Beth we didnt turn back. but I can see some light through this fog, so we are soon through it. Coming out from the fog, they were in a forest area, and they heard a loud laugh. Welcome to my side of reality. Trying to hear where that voice came from, they saw a tree walking in a clearing in this forest. Up on a limb, they could see a small being. I am the master of this forest, and I needed you because I am lonely. How can we get back home, Beth is having her birthday today, and she has a party at two oclock, so she has to come home, said John. Not gonna happen, said this small ugly looking person. But there is one way out of here, and I am going to lat my forest interview you. If you speak the truth, there will be no problems. If you dont, well then youll have problems. Liz saw a small bird flying out from behind a waterfall. That must be the way out she said in a quiet voice. The three together, after some problem with a large spider, and some trees that insisted on the truth, succeeded in finding the way out, and soon they were back at the pond. Then they all heard this awful voice. Have a wonderful Birthday Beth.

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001038418063
    • ISBN:  9781310964183

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