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The four friends,John, George, Beth and Liz all ten years old had been promised by their parents to visit the zoo. It was the last weekend before the summer vacation and they were all excited. Coming to the zoo, the boys asked if they could go by themselves if they promised to be back in three hours. Sure answered the parents, as long as you follow the rules, and is polite to all elderly. Beth said she wanted to go with her parents and left her three friends. The three friends went to look at the monkeys, and as they past a large bush, Beth came back and said she had changed her mind. Okay said Liz and gave Beth a hug. Beth looked at her friends and said, lets go to the aquarium, there you can see the fish from below. Sure answered both John and George as the four headed to the aquarium. Coming there, Beth went in to a niche and disappeared. Where did you go? asked Liz looking after her friend. Here I am said a being you could almost see right through. This being with a laugh said, now you are mind, and your friend Beth went with her parents as she told you. The three friends were moved somehow to a place they had never seen, Welcome to my part of existence said this smoky woman and we three had to follow her. Passing a forest area, they could hear some vicious sounds, and the ghost woman said, during night those beings run free. No way for you to escape, she added with a smile. The place they had arrived to was nice, and they were each given their own room. A boy they met there, he had lived with the ghosts for many years. If I would go back to my own world, I would die. Here I have lived longer than if I had escaped. Doesnt matter agreed John, George and Liz. We are not staying here. I think we should go back to that forest, I have a feeling they were growling at this ghost lady and not at us. You might be right Liz, well worth a try. When they had asked the ghost lady that told them her name was Soulley, said yes of course you can take a walk outside. Liz had been right about the beings in the forest, and with their help they succeeded to imprison all the ghosts, and return to th zoo, and their parents.

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001038410845
    • ISBN:  9781311204165

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