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“This story, Students is about a girl who was keeping a secret that she shouldn’t have been keeping.. . .Now, even though Saoirse always looked sad at school; school was one if not the only place where she felt happiness in her understanding of happiness.Home was the place where she felt the least happy.And that is the one place where she should have been feeling the happiest of all, shouldn’t she?She should, Teacher.I am as happy, Teacher at school as I am at home and at home as I am at school.That is wonderful, Cormac.Her mother used to drive her to school in the mornings in this black tinted glass dark moss green muscular car, and collect her again in it in the afternoons.Rarely had anyone ever seen her mother as she would never get out of the car.Only she would lean over and partially open the door for Saoirse to get in.When Saoirse would see the door opening she would straightway run and hop in and away they would go.Nobody ever heard her mother say hello to her, or she to say hello to her mother.One time though one or two students had caught a side glimpse of her mother’s face.It had in it a big dark bluish bruise right beneath her left eye, and her face had a similar type of sadness in it as was being seen in Saoirse’s face . . .” Stolen All HappinessFrom Ireland: a mystical and beautiful isle of the north eastern Atlantic Ocean renowned for its mighty storytellers comes an original story for children aged 8-12. An imaginary story told by an imaginary schoolteacher to imaginary students in an imaginary Irish countryside primary school. Principal, Declan McGrath is highly respected by parents, and is greatly loved by his students not alone for the way he teaches them but also for the marvellous lively paced contemporary narratives he shares with them. There are 29 students in his classroom.In 4th class there is Amy, Brian, Ciara, Cormac, Craig, Heather, Laura, Martin, and Patrick.In 5th class there is Anthony, Aoife, Ciaran, David, Gerard, Jennie, Julia, Mary, Natalia, Niamh, Sean, and Thomas.In 6th class there is Colin, Emily, Finbarr, Hugh, Natasha, Owen, Sophie, and Tara.He uses storytelling very effectively to refine his awareness of the wellbeing of his students. Occasionally, they will say out things during a storytelling session that they would not say otherwise. Their storytelling time is every Friday afternoon, and the 7th story up is this one: Stolen All HappinessAlthough all the stories have a local Irish setting they are not parochial; far from it for they aspire to and deal with universal themes and concerns in a way that a reader in any part of the world will be able to relate to and enjoy.The world is ripe for the fresh voice and personal style found in these richly multi-layered story lines; stories which parents and teachers alike will find most appealing and indeed quite useful for their own storytelling times.  Approximate word count: 4,098Principal McGrath’s marvellous stories always finish with: {And that, Students is today’s story.Thank you; thank you Teacher.That was a great story.We will be thinking about it and looking forward to next week’s one.Me too; me too.}The next story: Find In An Old Calendar will be available from Sunday, 28th August 2016.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001111643290
    • ISBN:  9781536578355

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