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Ghost Moon Bay is off the map, an unassuming seaside suburb at the edge of the planet in Auckland, New Zealand. But that all changes the night a piece of space junk splash-lands in the harbour. Jake Jellicoe, an ordinary Kiwi boy who prefers stargazing to sport, happens to be watching from his bedroom window when it crashes, little realising how his life is about to explode on a unthinkable adventure. With his quirky circus-raised cousin Carla Gonzalez, he discovers extra-terrestrial creatures at the spooky house next door. The cousins find themselves entangled in a hair-raising quest to protect the fragile beings from hordes of scientists, media and alien hunters who converge on their patch. With the help of fellow astronomy buffs – an italian countess and wispy professor – they must somehow keep the creatures alive and hidden until they can return to their planet. As appointed guardians of these galactic nomads, Jake and Carla conspire with the mysterious Aurelia to keep the curious visitors top-secret, as rumours of sightings hit the local headlines. Before they know it, the news has spread globally of an alien arrival. Notorious in ghost moon bay for her flamboyant, nothing-like-a-nana dress style and a weirdly flashing brooch, Aurelia’s spooky House of Turrets becomes the hub for hatching a celestial safari that the cousins can't quite fathom nor can refuse. As Aurelia works out complex cosmic calculations for a stardust journey via quantum physics, the cousins lose sleep fending off alien predators. Nocturnal escapades and skirmishes with prying parents, an obnoxious teenage sister, the local navy, pestering foreign press and an alien-obsessed american send them spinning out of orbit – ultimately to what seems like the outer reaches of the galaxy! Best-laid moonlit plans threaten to come unstuck at the last minute with the intrusion of one Leroy Tuckerville, from heartland Alabama. When he rents a room in the Jellicoe household, Jake and Carla’s mission becomes a whole lot harder. That is, until, the secret powers of Aurelia’s brooch, and a well-timed full moon, propel them on a mind-boggling adventure they will never forget.

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2014
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001121335536
    • ISBN:  9781311056887

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