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If you are a Computer user accesses the Internet should be concerned about Computer security. In the Security Essentials course from E-Learn, you’ll learn about common security threats and their countermeasures. I’ll addresses critical issues like setting strong passwords, ensuring e-mail and browser privacy, activating anti –virus protection, and stopping hackers. At the conclusion of this course you’ll be aware of Threats to your computer security and you’ll know how to protect against them. These are the most basic security tips every computer user should follow to protect privacy and keep computer and data safe and secure. This book is a collection of very specific steps to help you defend yourself in using your computer on or offline, instead of thinking that you are safe, be safe and be able to test your level of security and enjoy your computing life. Ignorance is not Bliss but a disaster in this realm. I’m going to teach you how to be secure in every which way, how to care for your data and how to avoid some common security and other pitfalls, some other tips to make your computing life easier.

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