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The new book "Creating The New Internet Super Highway" takes the World Wide Web to a whole new dimension and way of thinking. It was a physical world of technology that the Internet and World Wide Web was born and created. But as technology further advanced especially in the last few years, with the significant emergence of Social Media and Interactive Entertainment, namely games it was soon concluded that a new Virtual World exists today. In 2013, when the author examined the bounce rate of Corporate web sites and the continued increase of uploading data by the minute and hour everyday. It soon became apparent things had to change, to avoid what the author described as "the chaos theory of the web" an article he wrote back in 2006. By further understanding the spectrum of light and transportation of packet data and the anomalies thrown up from fractal maths. The author took a closer look at the World Wide Web and discovered even in a virtual world, the realms of Natural Law in the form of Quantum Mechanics and Natural Branching was very evident and present, busy at work even in a Virtual World. Today the human story and journey has reached an interesting juncture, as Science and Bio-Chemistry begins to further understand how everything ticks on the planet and beyond. The key element function found in the covenant of Quantum Mechanics is the rule of Natural Law to "Evolve and Refine" and also found within such a World, is now an acceptance of the impossible. In fact Quantum Mechanics applies similar methods many Computer Scientists use today when presented with a barrier and this we describe as a "work around" and further found, are many other quirks and multi-faceted phenomena, opening up endless possibility and in fact will result in the changing of the way we think. The book also covers the eventual future development of a 6 element binary coding system, also covering the many primary and sub category elements that exist and can be changed and refined now, to create web sites far beyond the speeds of the current norm. In fact by following the changes that can be made in the book, web development can take on a whole new meaning and especially the inclusion of stealth. The book is a must for all web developers, webmasters, programmers and site owners, who seek ultimate success online. Today changes can begin, as the time is now where the knowledge and information is available to further navigate and venture into a new future! TABLE OF CONTENTSCREATING THE NEWINTERNET SUPER HIGHWAYABOUT THE AUTHORINTRODUCTIONIN THE BEGINNINGTHE EUREKA MOMENTTHE WORLD’S LARGEST VIRTUAL WORLD COLLABORATIVE PROJECT   THE PRIMARY ELEMENTSTHE PRIMARY ELEMENTS SUB CATEGORIESTHE WEB SERVER ELEMENTSTECHNOLOGY DEVICE ELEMENTSTHE BROWSER SOFTWARE ELEMENTSTHE WEB SITE ELEMENTSTHE WEB USER ELEMENTSTHE RAMESSES HORIZONPROGRAMPERFORMANCE MODIFICATIONSWEB SERVER PERFORMANCE MODIFICATIONSUSER DEVICE PERFORMANCE MODIFICATIONSBROWSER SOFTWARE PERFORMANCE MOFIDICATIONSWEB SITE PERFORMANCE MODIFICATIONSWEB USER PERFORMANCE MODIFICATIONSCOMPLIANT HTML VALIDATION(Hyper-Text Mark-up Language)COMPLIANT CSS VALIDATIONQUALITY ASSURANCE STANDARDS GOOGLE MOBILE FRIENDLY STANDARDSWEBMASTER TESTING TOOLSAUTHOR’S NOTES AND COMMENTS. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS

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