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If you’re a technology fan then this book is a very interesting read for the technical and importantly there are some interesting illustrations for the non technical person alike. The topic discusses a global view of picture recognition technology to interest both the technical and non technical reader giving a very good insight into this very interesting area of technology with some technical and real life experience of methods and knowledge obtained through working on real time development of the very well known General Picture Recognition Software.  The General Picture Recognition Software is used like a case study throughout the book making concepts and ideas easy to relate to and discuss.  An ideal read also for others working in the industry including graphic designers, photographers, lecturers and students to name a few who wish to understand differences between general and dedicated picture recognition systems and how it is now possible to now “Auto Tag” images without any human interaction with certainty using a new neural network approach.   The book contains controversial ideas for example!  “What is often not understood within picture recognition is that pictures do not have any real shape.   This may sound a strange thing to say but it is actually very true. Shape does not exist in a picture…..”  These outrageous ideas have lead to the best commercially available General Picture Recognition Software on the Market.  This book really does give one of the best insights into Picture Recognition through real on the job experience and discusses the relationship between picture recognition and artificial intelligence and the need for autonomous systems in the military and space exploration.   

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