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    This book presents advanced real-world Artificial Intelligence projects, designed for experts, with hands-on tools and step-by-step instructions to get the projects up and running. About This Book Build practical, real-world Artificial Intelligence systems on machine learning, reinforcement learning, deep learning and much more. Master your skills to recognize artificial intelligence challenges and the available technologies to cope with them Fast paced guide to master AI concepts with TensorFlow, Keras, Theano and more to ensure a quality learning experience. Who This Book Is For Experts who are looking to go one step beyond and master Artificial Intelligence principles by implementing practical projects will find this book to be a useful resource. Knowledge of machine learning and deep learning concepts is expected. What You Will Learn Leading areas of AI such as problem-solving, machine learning, and Deep learning Understand artificial intelligence problems and the appropriate tools that can be used to deal with them. Learn how to build an intelligent recommendation system and sentiment recommendation. Understand state-of-the-art technologies and APIs developed by various companies in the field of Artificial Intelligence Implement machine learning and deep learning algorithms to build full-fledged smart applications. In Detail AI defines itself as intelligent agents to perceive it's environment and take actions that maximize its chance of success. This book will help you learn about the modern AI with the practical approach. We will explore various real-world projects by implementing algorithms in practice to build smart Artificial Intelligence applications. This book is a must-have for anyone who wants to get introduced to the world of Artificial intelligence. We will cover a detailed step-by-step process to build advanced projects with growing complexity. You will be exposed to a plethora of tools and frameworks such as Java, PredictionIO, Mahout, Python 3, Scikit-Learn and much more to create amazing AI-related projects. These insightful projects are based on building games, Recommendation engine, Image2Recipe Recommendations, Autonomous Driving, 3D Facial Reconstruction and so on. As the book progresses, you will have hands-on experience to build smart systems, capable of processing user data from a variety of sources. By the end of this book, you will master the skills to develop 13 full-fledged projects to showcase various state-of-the-art technologies using the best use of tools and frameworks.

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