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    Produto em pré-venda
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    Build effective applications in C# and .NET Core by using proven programming practices and design techniques About This Book Improve your programming practices by implementing efficient design patterns for C# and .NET  Explore useful design patterns for functional and reactive programming Discover how to work effectively with microservice and serverless architectures. Who This Book Is For This book is perfect for the programmer who wishes to write code that is easy to reuse and maintain. The design patterns covered in the book are applicable to C# and .NET core. You will learn about their attributes so you can choose the best one according to your software needs. A basic knowledge of C# and .NET framework will be required to make the most of the book. What You Will Learn How code can be made more flexible by applying SOLID principles Effectively apply TDD to any .NET Core project development Implement GoF design patterns like Factory, Decorator, Observer, Abstract, Builder, Composite and Template Efficient database migration, data persistence and testing techniques Convert a console application to a web application by choosing an accurate MVP Write asynchronous, multithreaded and parallel code in the most preferred way  Working with reactive extensions like RxJS and integrating Angular with MVVM  Implement CQRS to update data from separate interfaces Walk-through of the microservices, serverless programming and cloud computing In Detail Design Patterns, essentially are reusable solutions to common programming problems. When used correctly, they address crucial software requirements with ease and reduced costs. This book will uncover effective ways to use design patterns specific to both C# and .NET Core 2.0. The book will also demonstrate the implementation of these patterns through executable code. The book begins with an overview of Object Oriented Programming and SOLID principles. You will learn about the importance of design patterns in C# and .NET Core and how the Gang of Four patterns can be used in an application. The book will build an application while showing the implementation of Builder, Decorator, Factory, Visitor, and Strategy patterns. You will learn about patterns used for concurrent programming in .NET Core. You will also learn about functional and reactive programming in C# and .NET Core. The book will take you through design patterns for modern architectures like microservices, serverless and cloud native. By the end of the book, you will be able to efficiently address common problems faced while developing applications and be comfortable working on scalable and maintainable projects of any size.

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