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    Quickly learn and employ practical methods for developing microservices About This Book Get to grips with the microservice architecture and build enterprise ready microservice applications Organize your team to embrace this new style of development Monitor and manage your services in production Who This Book Is For This solution-based guide is for developers who would like to build effective and scalable microservices. Basic knowledge of the microservices architecture is assumed. What You Will Learn Learn how to design microservice based systems Create services that can fail without impacting users Monitor your services to create observable systems Manage the security of your services Create fast and reliable deployment pipelines Manage multiple environments for your services Simplify local development of microservice-based systems In Detail Microservices have become an increasingly popular way to build the distributed systems that power modern web and mobile applications. Deploying your application as a suite of independently deployable, modular, independently scalable services has many benefits for your team and product. This book will demystify this often misunderstood architectural style. You'll learn to employ microservices to make your application more fault tolerant, easier to scale and easier to change. Using an example-driven approach, this book will introduce you to the microservice architectural style. You'll learn how to transition from a traditional monolithic application into a suite of small services that interact to provide functionality to your client applications. You'll also learn about patterns used to organize services to optimize how requests are handled and processed, and how to handle service to service interactions. You'll then learn how to secure microservices and how to add monitoring so you can debug problems and be alerted when customer impacting problems arise. This book also covers fault tolerance and reliability patterns that help you use microservices to isolate failures in your applications.

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