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    Understand, prevent, and remediate ransomware attacks About This Book Complete guide to how ransomware works Build a security mechanism to prevent digital extortion. A practical approach to knowing about, and responding to, ransomware. Who This Book Is For This book is targeted towards security administrator, Security analyst or any stakeholder in the security sector who wants to learn about the most trending malware current market, Ransomware. What You Will Learn Understand malware types and malware techniques with examples Obtain a quick malware analysis Understand ransomware techniques, their distribution, and their payment mechanism Case studies of famous ransomware attacks Discover detection technologies for complex malware and ransomware Configure security software to protect against ransomware Handle ransomware infections In Detail Ransomware has turned out to be major malware and has affected numerous organizations in the recent past. The current need is to have a defensive mechanism in place for workstations and servers under one organization. This practical guide starts by explaining the basics of malware, and ransomware specifically. Then you'll explore how it will affect your organization. We will also take a look at different variations of ransomware, and how it infects your system and encrypts your files. We will then move on to how the ransom is paid and the cons of doing so. You will learn how to respond quickly to ransomware attacks and how to protect yourself from getting affected. You will even look at practical use-cases in each stage of the ransomware phenomenon. By the end of this book, you will have end-to-end knowledge of trending malware in the tech industry right now.

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