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    Over 100 practical and insightful recipes, that would walk you through the nitty-gritty of Docker ecosystem. About This Book Helps you by providing solutions to day-to-day problems while working on Docker Plan efficient working with Docker APIs, orchestration, and hosting platform such as Project Atomic Learn to implement best practices on improving efficiency and security of containers Who This Book Is For Book is targeted towards developers, system administrators, and DevOps engineers who want to use Docker in his/her development, QA, or production environments. It is expected that the reader has basic Linux/Unix skills such as installing packages, editing files, managing services, and so on. Any experience in virtualization technologies such as KVM, XEN, and VMware will be an added advantage What You Will Learn Installing Docker on various platforms Working with Docker images and containers Container Networking and Data Sharing Docker APIs and language bindings Various PaaS solution for Docker Implementing Container Orchestration using Docker Swarm Container Security Docker on Various Clouds In Detail Docker is an open source platform for building, shipping, managing and securing containers. Docker has become a choice of tool for people willing to work with Containers and the current market is moving towards containerization, Docker will definitely have a big role to play in the future tech market. This book will initially start with setting up Docker in different environment and learn to work with Docker image. Then we will take a deep dive into network and data management for container. The book explores the RESTful APIs provided by Docker to perform different actions such as image/container operations. Finally, the book explores logs and troubleshooting Docker to solve issues and bottlenecks. This book will also help you understand Docker use cases, orchestration, security, ecosystems, and hosting platforms to make your applications easy to deploy, build, and collaborate on. The book will exclusively cover new features of Docker 17.xx (or later) such as working with AWS and Azure, Docker Engine, Docker Swarm, Docker compose and so on. By the end of this book, you will gain hands-on experience in finding quick solutions to different problems encountered while working with Docker.

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