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    Produto em pré-venda
    Lançamento previsto: 09/11/2018


    Use Vagrant to easily build complete development environments About This Book Implement effective DevOps using Vagrant Learn to integrate Vagrant with different tools like Puppet Chef and Docker Practical approach towards managing infrastructure with ease. Who This Book Is For This book is targeted toawards system administrators, DevOps engineers, DevOps architects or any stakeholders working with DevOps who wants to explore Vagrant. This book assumes basic system administration experience. What You Will Learn Understand Vagrant Install and configure Vagrant Use Vagrant with other DevOps related tools such as Chef Use Vagrant when developing applications Explore Vagrant plugins and provisioning Discover Vagrant Boxes In Detail This book will act as an overview of how to use Vagrant as a powerful DevOps tool and then quickly deep dive into giving an introduction of Vagrant and how it fits into the DevOps landscape. Next, you will understand how to install VirtualBox and Vagrant in Windows/Mac/Linux, learn Vagrant commands, discover Vagrant boxes and Vagrant Cloud. The next set of chapters will help you understand how to configure Vagrant, along with Networking in Vagrant. You will also learn Multi-Machine and how to create multiple Vagrant environments and understand the communication between them along with other concepts such as Exploring Vagrant plugins and Syncing files. The last set of chapters will deep dive into Shell Scripts - Provisioning and using Vagrant with configuration management tools such as Chef, Ansible, Docker, Puppet and Salt. This book will also cover a few Tips and Tricks towards the end of the book which will help you understand the features of Vagrant and how to use them to benefit you.

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