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Author Clyde Burns has written a number of best-sellers, now he was finished with his latest creation. In his own opinion the best. With a smile he thought about another million in his bank account. He e-mailed the manuscript to his old friend editor Earl North. A week later he received a not that told him to get a professional editor to read his story before he sent away. Clyde phoned up his old friend Earl, and asked what was happening. It is the new editor Miss Laura Lavern, and any complains has to be sent to the owner of the publishing house, her father. Clyde got the idea, to contact one of the big television houses. As he went up to one, the person in charge recognized him, and said. We will check up on this, as we understand the same thing has happened to several other authors. Clyde had a picture of himself together with Earl North, and the TV-station used it and had at sent out every hour. When Lavern saw his partner in crimes face on the news, she coldblooded shot Earl. Home at Clyde, there had been a break-in to his house, and the police had sent a police officer to check out what had happened. As the police car stopped outside Clydes house, and one of the officers came up to knock on the door. Lavern that was inside waiting for Clyde to come home, shot the cop at the door. As his partner in the car saw his friend fall down, he called in for back-ups before he went up to see what had happened. Lavern ran out through the backdoor, jumped the back-fence and escaped in her car. She drove to an old boyfriend in town, Bruce. When he asked if she was the one that had shot the cop, he was shot as well. The police decided that Clyde needed a permanent protection, and sent officer Mildred Smith to protect Clyde. However as Lavern hadnt given up on killing Clyde, and when she saw the police car parked in front of the house, she thought, well another one doesnt really matter does it? So she went up with hr gun hidden to knock at the door. Inside the house Mildred had the same idea. When she heard the knock on the door, she hid her gun, and carefully opened the door. Seeing her old friend Laura Lavern standing there, she screamed out. Laura, I havent seen you for years. How are you? And Laura was as surprised to see her old friend Mildred. The two went inside to have a chat, Clyde took his phone in to the bathroom and called the police. The killer is in my house, having a chat with officer Smith. A full backup came quickly, and took care of the situation.

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001038401942
    • ISBN:  9781310688164

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