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This is a book about innocence, love, betrayal, pain, sex, sin and hate. It is about one woman, in particular, who somehow survived and challenged the fate of despair and sure death. We must prepare for an awakening as this book outlines what most of us as human beings dread. Share with this writer the essence of innocence—only to be side-tracked and whisked into a frantic state of fear and detachment. The art of survival cannot be defined for anyone; it is a never-ending struggle because it is more important today than yesterday or tomorrow. This is the story of a man known as Carl, who may, if he had been humble, have succeeded in being a good son, father and husband—except, he took the comfortable way. The Devil relentlessly guides one down a road of destruction with the promise of forever bliss for the price of one’s soul, Carl chose the Devil’s bargain. Little did those people who loved him know that this arrangement would cause him chronic despair. Experience the tribulations of the characters in this book. Take your own defensive posture to combat for yourself, and escape a demonic source. Yolanda is Carl’s wife. Will she survive his drunkenness and beating, as her mother had endured similar abuse at the hands of her father? If you are tempted to identify with the characters in this book, then do so at your own risk. I make no promises—except to say that the action is nonstop. Indulge, if you will, in the spellbinding chapters of an undeniably gripping story, based on true events. One cannot know if you like what you read, but you will never forget this experience.

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