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I was born in the village of D——, in the country of L——, and (like most Others) had but one mOther, but cannot exactly answer for the number of fathers, as my poor innocent mOther had more than once aspersions thrown on her character. One said she was seen, while my nominal father was from home, to go in her nightgown to the barn, where had a few minutes before our man, John Cods, been gone. A servant maid spread abroad that once passing her room she heard a whispering, and, knowing her master to be out, could not resist peeping through the keyhole, where she saw the footman, Samuel, kissing the alabaster bubbies of my mOther, purposely exposed for his hot and lascivious embraces. But the latter tale may have been raised by jealousy, as probably the maid feared her Samuel sought pleasure in Other arms than hers. With respect to my name, I suppose it to have descended as the names Sadler and Smith are supposed to have done—from certain aptness in these branches: and as Cockbum and Hitchcock must at some time have made themselves conspicuous in Venus' ecstatic encounters, so will my expressive name. But, my kind readers, I suppose there has been a lover among my female ancestors for that dear, that noble, that lovely engine of man—his Cock. As there was nothing particularly occurred in the younger part of my life, I shall pass on to the time when I first went to Miss Twig's Academy, merely remarking that in disposition I was lively, obstinate, and full of every mischief I could manage to get into. As one winter's evening my father, mOther, and myself were sitting round the fire, my mOther suddenly broke silence as follows— "My dear Lais, your father and I have been thinking that it is time you should go to school, and we think, as Miss Sophy Frigger and your cousin, Lucy Rosecunt, go to Miss Twig's it will be company for you, and no doubt, my dear, you will be happy there." "Ah, mamma, mayn't I stay at home one more half-year

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    • Ano de Edição: 2015
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2000172501938
    • ISBN:  9781465532732

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