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TABLE OF CONTENTS:John Henry Newman-(Born in 1801, died in 1890.) I: The Beginnings of Tractarianism. (From the "Apologia pro Vita Sua") II: On His Submission to the Catholic Church. (From the "Apologia") III: Of Athens as a True University. (From Volume III of the "Historical Sketches") Edward Bulwer Lytton-(Born in 1803, died in 1873.) The Descent of Vesuvius on Pompeii. (From "The Last Days of Pompeii") Lord Beaconsfield-(Born in 1804, died in 1881.) Jerusalem by Moonlight. (From "Tancred") Charles Merivale-(Born in 1808, died in 1893.) The Personality of Augustus Cæsar. (From the "History of the Romans Under the Empire") Alexander W. Kinglake-(Born in 1809, died in 1891.) I: On Mocking at the Sphinx. (From "Eothen") II: The Beginnings of the Crimean War. (From "The Invasion of the Crimea") Charles Darwin-(Born in 1809, died in 1882.) I: On Variations in Mammals, Birds and Fishes. (From "The Origin of Species") II: The Genesis of a Great Book. (From the "Autobiography," printed in Volume I of the "Life and Letters") John Brown-(Born in 1810, died in 1882.) Rab and the Game Chicken. (From "Rab and His Friends") William M. Thackeray-(Born in 1811, died in 1863.) I: The Imperturbable Marlborough. (From "The History of Henry Esmond") II: At the Ball Before the Battle of Waterloo. (From "Vanity Fair") III: The Death of Colonel Newcome. (From "The Newcomes") IV: London in the Time of the First George. (From the "Four Georges") Charles Dickens-(Born in 1812, died in 1870.) I: Sidney Cartons Death. (The conclusion of "A Tale of Two Cities") II: Bob Sawyers Party. (From Chapter XXXI of "The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club") III: Dick Swiveller and the Marchioness. (From Chapters LVII and LVIII of "The Old Curiosity Shop") IV: A Happy Return of the Day. (From Book III, Chapter IV, of "Our Mutual Friend") Charlotte Bronte-(Born in 1816, died in 1855.) Of the Author of "Vanity Fair." (Preface to the second edition of "Jane Eyre") James Anthony Froude-(Born in 1818, died in 1894.) I: Of History as a Science. (From "Short Studies on Great Subjects") II: The Character of Henry VIII. (From the "History of England") III: Cæsars Mission. (From the concluding chapter of "Cæsar-A Sketch") John Ruskin-(Born in 1819, died in 1900.) I: Of the History and Sovereignty of Venice. (From Chapter I of "The Stones of Venice") II: St. Marks at Venice. (From Vol. II of "The Stones of Venice") III: Of Water. (From Vol. II, Section V, of "Modern Painters") George Eliot-(Born in 1819, died in 1880.) At the Hall Farm. (From "Adam Bede") Herbert Spencer-(Born in 1820, died in 1904.) I: The Origin of Professional Occupations. (From Volume III of "The Principles of Sociology") II: Self-Dependence and Paternalism. (From the "Essays, Moral, Political and Esthetic") III: The Ornamental and the Useful in Education. (From "Education, Intellectual, Moral and Physical") IV: Reminiscences of His Boyhood. (From Part I, Chapter II, of the "Autobiography") V: A Tribute to E. L. Youmans. (From Part VII of the "Autobiography") VI: Why He Never Married. (From Part XII of the "Autobiography") ...

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