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TABLE OF CONTENTS:Sir Richard Steele (Born in 1672, died in 1729.)I: Of Companions and FlatterersII: The Story-Teller and His Art. (From The Guardian)III: Sir Roger and the Widow. (From The Spectator)IV: The Coverley Family Portraits. (From The Spectator)V: On Certain Symptoms of Greatness. (From The Tatler)VI: How to Be Happy tho Married. (From The Tatler)Lord Bolingbroke (Born in 1678, died in 1751.)I: Of the Shortness of Human LifeII: Rules for the Study of History. (One of the "Letters on the Study of History")Alexander Pope (Born in 1688, died in 1744.)I: An Ancient English Country Seat. (A Letter to Lady Mary Wortley Montagu)II: His Compliments to Lady Mary. (A Letter to Lady Mary Wortley Montagu)III: How to Make an Epic Poem. (From The Guardian)Lady Mary Wortley Montagu (Born in 1689, died in 1762.)I: On Happiness in the Matrimonial State. (A Letter to Edward Wortley Montagu before she married him)II: Inoculation for the Smallpox. (A Letter to Sarah Criswell, written from Adrianople, Turkey)Lord Chesterfield (Born in 1694, died in 1773.)I: Of Good Manners, Dress and the World. (From the "Letters to His Son")II: Of Attentions to Ladies. (From the "Letters to His Son")Henry Fielding (Born in 1707, died in 1754.)I: Tom the Hero Enters the Stage. (From "Tom Jones")II: Partridge Sees Garrick at the Play. (From "Tom Jones")III: Mr. Adams in a Political Light. (From "Joseph Andrews")Samuel Johnson (Born in 1709, died in 1784.)I: On Publishing His "Dictionary." (From the Preface to the "Dictionary")II: Pope and Dryden Compared. (From the "Lives of the Poets")III: Letter to Chesterfield on the Completion of the "Dictionary." (From Boswells "Life")IV: On the Advantages of Living in a Garret. (From The Rambler)David Hume (Born in 1711, died in 1776.)I: The Character of Queen Elizabeth. (From the "History of England")II: The Defeat of the Armada. (From the "History of England")III: The First Principles of GovernmentLaurence Sterne (Born in 1713, died in 1768.)I: The Starling in Captivity. (From "The Sentimental Journey")II: To Moulines with Maria. (From "The Sentimental Journey")III: The Death of LeFevre. (From "Tristram Shandy")IV: Passages from the Romance of My Uncle Toby and the Widow. (From "Tristram Shandy")Thomas Gray (Born in 1716, died in 1771.)I: Warwick Castle. (A Letter to Thomas Wharton)II: To His Friend Mason on the Death of Masons MotherIII: On His Own Writings. (A Letter to Horace Walpole)IV: His Friendship for Bonstetten. (From a Letter to Bonstetten)Horace Walpole (Born in 1717, died in 1797.)I: Hogarth. (From the "Anecdotes of Painting in England")II: The War in America. (From a Letter written at Strawberry Hill)III: The Death of George II. (A Letter to Sir Horace Mann)Gilbert White (Born in 1720, died in 1793.)The Chimney Swallow. (From "The Natural History of Selborne")Adam Smith (Born in 1723, died in 1790.)I: Of Ambition Misdirected. (From the "Theory of Moral Sentiments")II: The Advantages of a Division of Labor. (From "The Wealth of Nations")Sir William Blackstone (Born in 1723, died in 1780.)Professional Soldiers in Free Countries. (From the "Commentaries")...

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