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On Bermuda, it is 10 years in prison without parole for just holding a gun. Yet, memory expert, Tony DiMarco, had been shot twice,so why two killers killing one man at the same time in an empty abandoned cemetery?Mentalist, Kaarin Larsson, appeals to Dr. Edsel Bingeton, a 96 year old prominent anthropologist, for help in understanding what is happening in her mind, the warning sense, her almost clairvoyant visions. But he dismisses all of Kaarin’s descriptions as coincidence or hysteria since his 75 years of research have shown that such psychic powers are not possible in a human being. But if her powers are genuine, Bingeton states that she cannot be human. When Kaarin asks then what could she be, Bingeton answers off-handedly, “Boskop”, which means nothing to Kaarin.Even with her mind in turmoil, Kaarin appears on Sarah Randolph’s daytime talk show, “Boston Today”. Randolph has a reputation for destroying self-proclaimed psychics, yet Kaarin stuns Randolph by duplicating a random design Sarah had secretly made. An angry, troubled yet amazed, Randolph challenges Kaarin to come back again. Kaarin agrees.Under time pressure to replace DiMarco at a conference, Roland Sommers, a Bermuda banker and chairman of the conference, hires Kaarin Larsson.Shortly after Kaarin arrives in Bermuda, she performs a blindfold drive at the hotel during which she discovers, after experiencing serious difficulties and almost failing, that she is doing the drive not with trickery, but by genuinely seeing through the blindfold, which frightens her.That night Kaarin sees her friends, Sugar and Serreta Alberts, billed as Black Magic, perform at the Pink Sands nightclub. Leaving after the show, Kaarin is shot at by the hit-man with the .41 magnum revolver, and attacked by another killer with a knife. She has never been on Bermuda before, knows no one but the conference organizers whom she has just met, so why is she the target of two killers?Kaarin is questioned the following morning about the attack at the Pink Sands by Inspector Keith Haggard who has difficulty believing that she actually could see and describe the two killers in the dark as she claims she has. She goes to police headquarters to examine their photo files to put a name to the faces she saw. KIaarin cannot and becomes uncomfortable when Haggard presses her on whether she really did see them. To ease the tension between them, Haggard, to whom Kaarin is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen, invites her to dinner. En route to dinner, Haggard is deeply shaken when Kaarin’s strange talents saves their livIt appears that whatever is behind the killing of DiMarco and the attacks on Kaarin is breaking loose. While Kaarin is performing her evening show for the closing of the conference, the Alberts disappear. When the police begin to search, Sugar is found dead, shot with a .41. The search focuses on finding Serreta using every resource of the Bermuda Police Service.Following her show, when Kaarin learns that Sugar is dead and Serreta is missing, she abandons all control of her mind to frantically search out Serreta, only to sense that Serreta has been savagely murdered. Kaarin then focuses on finding her killers, using her visions to lead the police in a bizarre chase across Bermuda to the house of banker, Roland Sommers, where she and Haggard confront the killers. To save Haggard from being shot, Kaarin attacks the killer with a ceremonial dagger she used in her show, stabbing him repeatedly until seized by two officers and dragged screaming off the dead man. She appears to have gone insane.After a day recuperating in King Edward VII Hospital, Kaarin leaves for the U.S. with the promise to return to Haggard and his wondrous islands.But what of her humanity? The visions that tear her mind apart. And Boskop? Where are those answers? Far from the pink sands of Bermuda, Kaarin finds the answers on the sands of Cape Cod.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2014
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2000862346672
    • ISBN:  9781310434600

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