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    Hi, there. Hi, there. She is so getting knocked out- would you please? Well pay you! Harheeehaaahhaaah-ah they make me laugh! Excuse me a second GET ON WITH IT! Harheeeehaaaahhaah- ah sorry about that, I couldnt help it. Take twenty two.. Hey, Im Sarahs best-est best-est - BEST-EST friend!Otherwise known as SARAH, WHO? but that doesnt imply to you , because by the time you ask, youd already know. So listen! Just sum up her popularity by taking one away from sixteen (do the maths her way, and you get six). Any-hoo, to all you haters you wanna mess with my friend, you gotta go through this bad girl first- ALRIGHT! Psss Sarah, they got the message, you can come out now btw, am I allowed to say, sometimes you annoy me? Can I? Can I, please? Oh, dont care what you say, Im telling em! SOMETIMES??!! I meant all the time! Shes still disk broken over a certain Dvd player- hmm, wonder what thats all about, eh? She just wont shut up about it. Its yap- yap- yap- non- stop, she may as well be called the player! Sarah, you really are I CANT EVEN DESCRIBE IT! Like when youre watching a movie and some idiot wont stop talking. Oh, you know I love you really ;p Harheeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaahhaaah-ah- Yeah, the feelings mutual! see? Were just as annoying as each other- and thats why we love each other so much! Can I interrupt? Can you please hurry up, and get on with it! ALRIGHT, KEEP YOUR BUTT ON! Sheesh! harheeeehaaahhaaah- Omg, there she goes again, you know what? Let me! NO! Alright, Ill stop! What else was it? Oh, yeah how could I forget? YOUR GRANDMA!- Harrrr- alright, alright, let me get on with it! Sheesh anyway, does grandmas motto really work , or is it all just a pile of Laddoo? Let me know yeah! Oh, and a word of advice- ROLLING PIN THE!?? Youre holding the wrong picture up! (I forgot to mention, shes stupid too). Grandma, this is to you- BIN THE ROLLING PIN! Be good to your granddaughter SHE TOLD ME TO SAY IT! Wanna take it a step further? Just try walking in Sarah, Who? s five inch, and a half heels! I wrote this novel upon leaving high school. I am a writer and love to write. I love books and was happy to write one.Im 22 and live with my mum who is an inspiration to me too.

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      • Ano de Edição: 2014
      • Ano:  2018
      • País de Produção: Canada
      • Código de Barras:  2020101055516
      • ISBN:  9781496985354

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