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The Creator’s Egg series Every purchase comes with a free book. Look inside to learn more! The series is an epic fantasy thriller, full of quests, journeys, mystery, intrigue, action, adventure, excitement and global war. The series is set in Opteria, a planet where birds (avians) evolved to a position of dominance in place of the mammals on Earth. These avians are bipedal and have arms with well-developed hands, as well as wings. They have full powers of speech and are fully as intelligent as humans. They are indeed, the Angels of Opteria. When the planet is threatened with global war, salvation may rest on the arrival of an alien savior, who must recover and bond with three ancient talismans. If he is successful he may gain the powers needed to resist the invaders.The series is true fantasy in the mold of Tolkein and Stephen Donaldson.Book 4: Broken ShardsThe Orb has been recovered and its protectors included into the Fallon leadership. The watcher has a copy of an ancient document that pinpoints the ‘ends of the world’ to the invader homelands. So, the good news is that the approximate locations of the four shards are now known. The bad news is that all four are surrounded by enemies.He is delayed from starting his quests for the shards, by short term issues relating to the wars. The allies decide they need better information on the invaders’ intentions. Hesh begins spying missions that provide prior knowledge of enemy strategies and tactics. This intelligence helps the allies to react better to the threats they face. Finally the alien is able to turn his mind to finding the shards. He realizes that the Strig protectors must have left messages to guide those trying to find them and hits on a strategy to find the messages. Because he has visited Sphen, he decides to seek the shard there first.In the meantime, Hesh is busy helping to build alliances with other races and also has to foil a plan to kill him. Finally, he is now actively working on a plan to end the wars, sooner rather than later.With all this on his plate, the stranger is stretched thin. But, if he manages to retrieve the first shard, he fully intends to immediately start the search for the second one.  

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2017
    • Ano:  2017
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001112722413
    • ISBN:  9781386981855

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