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A Botanist searching deep in the Amazon accidently discovers a plant with a defense system that causes both animals and humans to forget. On his way home to Canada, he tells his story to a stranger. It costs him his life. His sample plants are stolen and find their way to Gary Millet who plans to farm and use them to further his criminal activities Kurt von der Groote the first mate on an oil tanker has spent his life at sea. There’s an accident and he believes he’s responsible for the death of his friend and mentor. Overcome with guilt he quits the ship and goes in search of a sailboat to charter in the Caribbean. Looking for the right boat, he comes across a captain/delivery ad. He takes the job. As soon as he is in open water, he is set upon by his crew member. The boat is stripped of valuables. Kurt is beaten, tied to a hatch. The yacht is blown up and sunk with Kurt still onboard. Kurt’s survival is unexpected. He’s found floating at sea and nursed back to health by a couple sailing the islands. Landing in Key West, he seeks out Jim Harrell, a friend and retired CIA agent. Jim uses his connections to borrow a powerboat and obtain weapons. Together they find and attack the pirate’s stronghold on the island of Caicos. During the attack they catch a glimpse of Laura, Jim’s ward who has been missing for some months, but when they take over the warehouse she’s gone. They have one clue to her whereabouts, the name of a yacht seen leaving the dock. They return to the mainland in search of a vessel named Big Buck 1. The boat is registered to Gary Millet out of Tampa, FL. Boarding at night, they force the captain to take them to a Bahamian island were they believe Laura and other kidnapped girls are being held for sale. After an extensive gun battle they rescue Laura and the girls. Continuing their mission to destroy Gary Millet, they learn of the plants. Following the transportation trail of the foliage, leads them to several murders. Gary Millet sends the plants to a small pond in Texas for cultivation. The water is loaded with just the right nutrients. The plants grow at an amazing rate and produce mind altering water. The Millet gang tests the mixture successfully, freeing Millet’s brother Joe from jail, and then use it again in the successful robbery of a jewelry store. The tainted water does its job and they plan to mass produce. There’s a problem. Exceeding the plant’s normal development clogs the pond’s filtration system. With the sudden production of flowers, an odor evolves along with a strange fog that hovers above the water. Millet gathers his men at the water’s edge, trying to find a solution. He lights his cigar and the pond explodes, killing all, but Joe Millet, Gary’s cokehead brother.

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2013
    • Ano:  2013
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2000617218308
    • ISBN:  9781483501796

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