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Elizabeth Stone, Lizy to her friends was looking at the house she had bought for only some months ago. She loved the Persian carpet, the Queen Ann furnitures and the Cristal chandelier in the lobby. She loved it all. Even the carpeted wide stairway to the upper floor. Elizabeths life had turned from okay, to marvelous. The only thing missing was a man, a husband, or a life partner. Now her boss, Mr. Clark had invited her to one of his company parties. As it now was Friday, and Lizy didnt know what to wear to the party, she phoned up her best friend Darlene. As Darlene came over, she asked what, and why Lizy had called? My boss, Mr. Clark invited me to his party tomorrow evening, and I dont know what to wear. That was an easy one, said Darlene, With your dark hair, and light complexion you should wear a red dress, and red shoes. I havent got a red dress, said Lizy feeling sad. I have both the dress and the shoes, said Darlene, can we concentrate on the champagne now? The party went well, and Lizy met her bosses nephew William, Bill, Clark. They kept together throughout the party, and he, Bill, invited her for lunch the following day. That lunch turned out well, and Bill was the perfect gentleman. It didnt take more than a month, and bill had moved in to Lizs house, and after another month they were married. To their first breakfast as a married couple, Bill told Lizy what to wear, and that he didnt want her to see Darlene anymore. Are you nuts? screamed Lizy. Darlene is my best friend, and she will always be my friend. As Lizy said those words, she run up to her room, and called Darlene. Bill came just behind, and slapped the phone out of Lizs hand. The call had gone through, and Darlene heard how Bill was threatening Lizy. She called the police on her land-line, and told them about this dangerous situation. Bill was arrested for domestic violence, and Lizs boss promised her a quick divorce if she said anything about the fact that Bill had beaten her. She got the divorce, and no more husband hunting.

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001038411156
    • ISBN:  9781311443779

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