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Daniel grew up in a typical working family as they struggled to come to terms with post-war austerity. Lauren came from more financially secure middle-income comfort. They lived their childhood less than fourteen miles apart and did in fact meet at a wedding as children. Daniel had his first romantic crush on the tall pretty girl with the enormity of golden blond hair. He knelt on his bed and playacted for his mother how some day he would marry her. She laughed and thought him charming.They grew into that inexplicable breed – independent, non-conforming, parent vexing loners. They rejected the tribal pressures and fought the bullying they were subjected to. Both tried to escape by joining the Royal Navy – he to fly and she to put her thwarted Olympian athletic prowess to use as an instructor. Neither got that far as their particular skills were noted and they got diverted into a new top-secret covert intelligence-gathering unit.When Daniel met Lauren again he had long forgotten the nameless blond subject of his boyish crush. They were teamed up as they began a double life of danger and duplicity, driven by the same passion to fight the bullies. They found release in each other’s arms as they coped with conflict.Daniel is drawn into a secret war and they think he is their pawn but Daniel and his partner, Lauren ,are cut from different cloth. These are individuals driven not by tribal hate but implacable moral certainty. They do not play the game but seek to dismantle it from the inside. Their struggle is simple and clear, until Bonny comes into their lives. One of the innocent that could so easily become another statistic – another casualty – collateral damage.They may save her or she may offer them salvation, but, either way, Daniel’s conflict will be altered forever by the bountiful force of nature that is Bonny McAdam.Out of something rankly foul, a thing of unique and loving beauty is created.This novel deals with adult themes and is aimed at mature open-minded men and women who enjoy reading of thrills and romance set amid meaningful eye-opening historical realism.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2012
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001033741456
    • ISBN:  9781301851966

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