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3 Months' Short Stories (July-Sept. 2011) About 185,200 words in total and about 60+ stories (Does not include the War of Blood and Bones mini-novels and Curses: Symphony of Angels.) List of stories included: Uncivilized 1 (Boxing/Action) Uncivilized 2 Blackbird (Action/Fantasy) Death Of A Brother (Action/Fantasy) Arms Dealer (Action/Fantasy) Steel (Action/Fantasy) Uncivilized 3 Uncivilized 4 Terrorist 1 (Action/Drama) Terrorist 2 Synthesis (Sci-Fi) IRAQ 2050 (Sci-Fi) Riot Junkie 1 (Action/Crime/Humor) Riot Junkie 2 Pirates 1 (Fantasy/Humor/Action) Pirates 2 School of Bullies (Coming of Age/Drama) School Shooter (Drama/Action/Crime) Strip (Horror/Drama) Torment Of A Wife (Horror/Drama) Mage 1 (Humor/Fantasy) Mage 2 Mage 3 Mage 4 Pirates 3: Fortress of Memories Pirates 4: Meeting of Death 2070: Love At 80 (Romance/Sci-Fi) Love At A Beauty Pageant (Romance) Love and Roses: Love is in the Garden (Romance) Satan Can’t Get A Date (Romance/Fantasy) Love and Wontons (Romance) Seduction of a Romance Novelist (Romance) The Human Lands: Demon Hunter (Action/Fantasy) The Snake Lands: The Endless One The Demon Lands: Homecoming INSOMNIA 1: RUNNING PARANOID (Drugs/Humor/Action) INSOMNIA 2: LETHAL INJECTION HONOR (Action/War) HONOR 2: ASSAULT HIRED (War/Humor) HIRED TWO: DOWNGRADED INSOMNIA 3: THE DRUG LAB Insomnia 4: The Real Monster Under The Bed GLADIATOR: THE UNBEATABLE (Action/Adventure) Frat 1: Too Much To Drink (Comedy/Adventure) Frat 2: Gotta Get Laid Frat 3: Spring Break Frat 4: The Paddle Walk Fast Food Eddy: The Shop (Comedy/Action) Fast Food Eddy: The Heist Fast Food Eddy 3: Meat Run Fast Food Eddy 4: Big Money Blade (Fantasy/Romance/Comedy) Death Knight Reborn (Fantasy) Enforcer One: The Collection Agency (Action/Comedy) Enforcer Two: Neighborhood Watch Devil Worshipers: Indecent Witness (Comedy) Devil Worshipers: Alien Attack DEVIL WORSHIPERS: THE MASTER’S HAND DEATH DAYS: Day 1 ENFORCER 3: VENGEFUL AGENCY Cowboys: Bandits On The Farm (Western/Adventure) Cowboys: Mexican Border Rundown Cowboys 3: Final Shootout Death Days 1 (Crime/Drama) Death Days 2 Death Days: Clown Death Days: Taxi Driver Death Days: The Witness Death Days: Trouble At The Bank (Order of stories may vary.) If you would like to check the content of some of these stories, they are available in magazines, collections and single stories. Each will have a sample of the text in the e-vendor sample (if available) at the front for the more recent stories. Thank you for supporting my work!

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