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Nine tales of horror beginning with a novella about a married couple who decide to move to the country to get away from the pollution, noise and the crime only to find that the peaceful village of Jacobs Crossing has its own secrets and problems. Some of the other stories include: The Anomaly A noise in the garage precipitates the discovery of a strange creature that comes for a visit and doesnt seem to want to leave. V A shipwrecked yacht captain is rescued by a passing cruise ship and his salvation does not go as planned. The Cats Meow A small college has a feral cat problem that is controlled by an old lady who cares and feeds the animals. When she dies, the cats go in search for the missing necessities. Chocolate A NASA scientist goes in search for life on other planets. His research using space rocks, allows him to reach his goal with surprising results. Swamp Magic A college biology professor doing field research in the Louisiana swamps to discover the source of a new amphibian species. He discovers that magic not science controls the swamp.

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